Happy Hour Live with Brian Rosen

Happy Hour Live with Brian Rosen

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Brigid McCabe
May 31, 2021

Come listen to marketing guru Brigid McCabe, Director of Growth Marketing MHW, Ltd. Suppliers need to look at the market holistically at marketing and push story 1st to compete.

Join us as we talk marketing, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, sales and Infuse Spirits with Seth Benhaim
May 31, 2021

Spirits entrepreneur, heretical whiskey blender, barrel breaker, bottle collector, industry advocate and podcast host. Founder of successful spirits brands including Infuse Spirits (www.infusespirits.com) and Broken Barrel Whiskey (brokenbarrelwhiskey....

Marc A. Bushala, Founder and Creator – Angels Envy, Stolen X, Heavens Door
April 08, 2021

Marc was a co-founder and CEO of spirits company Angel’s Share Brands which created a super-premium bourbon and rye whiskey called “Angel’s Envy”. The Spirits Journal rated Angel’s Envy Cask ...

Chad Bronstein from Fyllo
March 19, 2021

Whether it is weed or booze, compliance and data are king. Chad and his company have a nearly 200M valuation doing just that as a mission. Spend 40 minutes and ...

Mathieu Parent Talking Brand and M&A in a post-Covid World.
March 18, 2021

Mathieu brings a unique blend of European sensibility and American creativeness when approaching deals and looking at investing money into brands. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

Jeff Hopmeyer
March 02, 2021

Listen in and meet Jeff Hopmayer, CEO of Brindiamo Group in Nashville TN. Brindiamo is one of the largest bourbon brokers in America. The history of the bourbon business is ...

Jerald O’Kennard
March 02, 2021

Wine ratings sell wine! Listen to meet Jerald O’Kennard from the Beverage Testing Institute. BTI rates and scores hundreds of brands a year for retailers and suppliers alike. The American ...

Brian Rosen
March 02, 2021

Brian Rosen, our host, goes in-depth on his history in the space and why success for brands matters to him and his companies

Renato Reyes
February 09, 2021

Join us for an exciting 40 minutes with Renato Reyes where we talk about M&A, new brand development, we play our game: drink it was or pass and have an ...

Soul Boxer
February 08, 2021

Brian Rosen speaks with Soul Boxer founder Jason Neu about his brand and his start in RTD category. His brand, Soul Boxer, is leading the Midwest and supper club demo ...