Happily Ever Active with Kelly Doell

Happily Ever Active with Kelly Doell

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57 [Interview] Dr. Lisa Belanger - A Cup of Mindfulness
May 08, 2020

What can a simple cup of coffee teach us about staying motivated to move? Dr. Lisa Belanger has the answers. Lisa is the CEO of Conscious Works and author of A Cup of Mindfulness: For the Busy and Restless. Beyond Lisa's many career accomplishments, incl.

56 - Diversifying Your Fitness Portfolio for Tough Times
May 01, 2020

Times are tough, but being agile in the face of adversity can be a valuable skill. This week, let's think optimistically about an opportunity the shutdowns have provided, one that can pay dividends for you today and in the years ahead. As always, look ou.

55 - Your Valentine's (Fitness) Relationship Review
February 14, 2020

It's Valentine's Day. Yeesh... time to audit your relationship with fitness 6 weeks into 2020. Are you hanging in there? Has your motivation disappeared like that waxy heart-shaped box of bonbons? A heavy majority of fitness resolutions are now completel.

54 - Can Self-Discipline be Enjoyable?
February 07, 2020

Does staying discipline have to suck? No, but you'd never know if you'd look at how popular culture treats this important part of active living. This week, using a terrible bread analogy, I revisit the real meaning of self-discipline and how enjoyment ca.

53 - The Myth of Laziness in Fitness
January 31, 2020

Let's talk about laziness. Have we oversimplified this complex concept? Of course! I'll use examples from nature to make the point that we're still animals wired to see energy expenditure as precious, even risky. We all choose the path of least resistanc.

52 [Interview] The Power of Play with Dale Sidebottom from Fitness Games Zone
January 24, 2020

Play creates transcendent exercise experiences. In such "flow states", we're distracted from how working our bodies is so healthy. Why? We're too busy solving problems, collaborating with others, and even laughing as we go. This week, Dale Sidebottom fro.

51 How to Enhance Enjoyment in 9 Steps
January 17, 2020

As the saying goes, Nothing changes if you change nothing. If you want to finally quit the grueling grind, jump off the struggle bus, and enjoy all the juicy mental and physical benefits of exercise

50 Is Another Gym Contract the Solution?
December 27, 2019

True, the financial investment of a contractual agreement with a gym gives some people a spark, but is it a solid solution for you? This week, I ask you to honestly audit your fitness history to answer that question. I'll also get you pondering about lif.

49 [Interview] Dr. Jason Brooks: Does Your Rest Match Your Stress?
December 20, 2019

How well do you take care of the machine? This week, I dig down with philosophical mental performance coach, Dr. Jason Brooks, about the often neglected necessity of recovery. Not only does Jason drop some brilliant advice for dealing with mental resista.

48 [Interview] Dr. Shayne Young on the Mental Side of Injury Rehab
December 13, 2019

A forced divorce from fitness via injury might not just be physically painful, but it can make us a mental mess too. This week, I chat with Dr. Shayne Young of Active Health Institute to learn about how he manages the "mental game" of rehab on the front .