Handball in Numbers - The Handballytics Podcast

Handball in Numbers - The Handballytics Podcast

Episode 3: Jörg Lützelberger on Germany’s Lineup Stats and Argentina vs. Germany

July 26, 2021

In the third edition of „Handball in Numbers – The Handballytics Podcast“, HBL tactics expert and coach Jörg Lützelberger is Mark and Julian’s guest. They discuss lineup statistics for the German handball national team at the 2021 Olympics, focusing on the game against Argentina, but also look back at numbers of the first game against Spain.

You can find out more about Jörg on his website: https://sogehthandball.de/

Hosts: Mark Hawkins & Julian RuxGuest: Jörg LützelbergerIntro: „Aggressive Synth Arp“ by Andrea Guerriero
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