The Restless Creatives

The Restless Creatives

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Goal Setting for 2021 & Reviewing 2020 Goals (I've risen from the dead)
January 09, 2021

Today were talking about Where TF Ive been (because its been a solid 9 months and I have some explaining to do) How my 2020 goals went And what my 2021 goals are You can find me at therestlesscr

Reaching Goals, Student Loan Craziness, & Passion Projects
March 16, 2020

Today, we're talking about goals, student loan craziness, passion projects, and my mindset right not. Review 2020 goals. Where are we? Changing certain goals that ya girl was not feeling Projects I

Marrying Yourself In Vegas
March 02, 2020

Just another update on my restless antics. Been feeling weighed down by fear and anxiousness, but it's possible I could just need to make some cute mugs and silly t-shirts. This is the story of that one time, "I married myself in Vegas." No answers....

Starting a Small Business, Finding Community, and Enjoying Life w/ Small Business Owner Chi Ndika
February 17, 2020

Today were sitting down with Chi Ndika. Chi is a small business owner and yoga instructor based in Austin, Texas. Chi started her Ice Cream business called Luv Fats Ice Cream after her mother needed

Finding your why, questioning everything, & taking responsibility w/ aspiring entrepreneur Joshua Seitz
February 03, 2020

Today were sitting down with Joshua Seitz. Josh is an aspiring entrepreneur and software developer based in Austin, Texas. He also plans to become hippie and travel the country in a van. Five most va

Grounding yourself, owning it, & creating quality work w/ graphic designer Hanna King
January 20, 2020

In this episode were sitting down with Hanna King. Hanna is a graphic designer based in Austin, Texas and she designs socks. Here are the top five things I learned from Hanna King: Learn how to grou

Knowing your worth (evaluating your value in work & in life)
January 06, 2020

Im going to answer this question in two parts. The first part will be how to evaluate your worth when applying for jobs or pursuing a job promotion or raise. The second part will be evaluating your v

Setting Goals for 2020, Reviewing My 2019 Goals, & Debt Update
December 30, 2019

Today, we're talking about 2020 goals, how I did on my 2019 goals, and how I find motivation. Also giving a student loan and debt update ($65k to $55k in 4 months).

The Art of Failing, Taking Criticism & Creative Resistance
December 23, 2019

I'm re-releasing an episode that was originally released back in March. It's about my entrepreneurial spirit, failing gracefully, taking criticism, and creating resistance in yourself.  Happy Holidays! Royalty-Free Music Attributions: Intro: Take...

When to move on from your job (+ logistics of moving on)
December 16, 2019

Over the next couple of months, Im going to be interweaving some really awesome questions/topic ideas Ive gotten from the community into the show. This week Im talking about how to know when you sh