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Episode #16: The Real Beginning – Telling the story of John L. Sullivan
October 11, 2019

Good Morning WeiRdos! - Today I gave everyone an update of the Strong Boy Production for our teaser shooting October 27th. For those of you who don't know, the titular character is John L. Sullivan, America's true first heavyweight champion. -

UFC 242: Nurmagomedov v Poirier Official Predictions
September 06, 2019

Have a listen to find out my pick for Dustin Poirier v. Khabib Nurmagomedov. Also check out my fight analysis criteria behind all of my official predictions.

Episode #13: Discouraged? Not sure what to call this one
April 19, 2019

Good Morning WeiRdos! - Thanks for tuning in again. This is a short one and frankly, devoid of rants. Enjoy!

Episode #12: The Gung-ho Plan
April 12, 2019

Good morning and thanks for listening.

Episode #11 with guest Tyler Wilkins (Composer)
April 05, 2019

Hello everyone, - This was a really fun episode. Filled with rants. Tyler was the composer of the original score for 4AM, Where the Trees Hide the Moon (Teaser) and hopefully everything else that I'll do, he's fantastic.

Episode #10: “Blood Like Water” (Chicago Hotel Bathroom)
March 22, 2019

Hello WeiRdos! - My apologies for the late episode today. A few problems occurred this morning: I woke up late in a hotel in Chicago and no idea how I got here. Just kidding, I know how it happened but, I drank last night,

UFC London Official Predictions
March 15, 2019

UFC London Official Predictions. - Some exciting fights tomorrow night. At one point in time, I have believed that one man in each bout had championship potential, only one has fought for a title but was taken care of early by "The Chosen One" Tyron W...

Episode #9: Discipline for the Creative: Checklists and Announcements
March 15, 2019

Good Morning WeiRdos! - Today's episode was a special one for me. A few announcements and a few changes. All for the better. I'll update more today! - If you want to avoid some ranting, you can jump to the 20 minute mark and then again to the 30 minu...