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Episode 40 – Creating a Community Guitar group with Chris Dixon
November 15, 2019

Have you ever considered or even thought about community guitar groups? In this podcast, Chris Dixon explains his journey to creating more than just a one on one teaching practice. Chris in action with a group of local guitar players

Episode 39 – Justin Dolezy of Neck Diagrams
June 10, 2019

Ged Brockie Of GMI Discusses The Incredible Piece Of Guitar Software That No Guitarist Should Be Without Called "Neck Diagrams" With It's Creator Justin Dolezy. The three packages available from Neck Diagrams We've all done it.

Episode 38 – Jamie Akers Renaissance Man
April 16, 2019

Jamie Akers Has Realised A Dazzling Career As A Multi-Instrumentalist Of Historical Stringed Instruments Including Early 19th Century Guitars, Lutes and The Amazing Theorbo. Ged Brockie Of GMI Find Out More About This Fascinating Musician & His Instrum...

Episode 37 – Haftor Medboe of Copperfly Records
March 29, 2019

Haftor Medboe is a highly regarded Scottish based composer, guitarist and educator. In this podcast interview, Ged Brockie of GMI discusses these areas of his work but also finds out about his new music label, Copperfly.

Episode 36 – Jazz Guitarist Tom Lippincott
March 04, 2019

Tom Lippincott is a highly respected professional guitarist based in Florida, USA. This interview was meant to be broad ranging, however, Tom's eight string guitar (yes you read that correctly) took up almost the entire show!

Episode 35 – Interview with Nate Savage of Guitareo
February 08, 2019

It's a fast changing world out there and the effects of the digital revolution are all around. In the world of guitar there are many new success stories, one of which is Guitareo led by guitarist Nate Savage.

Episode 34 – Interview Rewind & Update With Andy Squires
December 29, 2018

Download the Tercelvoice Skate video Teaser - just 6.2 MegDownload In September 2017, Andy Squires was interviewed for GMI's "Musician's Moving Online" series (episode 20) as Andy planned the release of his first album under the name TercelVoice.

Episode 33 – Interview With LEAP Inventor Paul Holcomb
October 19, 2018

Paul Holcomb and his new concept for guitar pick players - LEAP the Ergonomic Guitar Pick.   - When Paul Holcomb decided to revisit guitar playing he was frustrated in part by using a plectrum. With a background in design,

Episode 32 – Interview With Drooble Founder Melina Krumova
August 27, 2018

It's hard to get noticed as a musician these days, so if there is anything out there that can help, you should grab it with both hands. Drooble is a powerful new website for musicians. Ged Brockie talks with founder Melina Krumova about this new force ...

Episode 31 – Interview With Guitarist Ant Law
July 03, 2018

Ant Law is without doubt one of the most creative and expressive guitarists on the music scene today. In this interview with Ged Brockie, Ant discusses music, creativity, working in London and life as a musician.   -