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Episode 53 – New Album Release From James Akers
August 30, 2022

James Akers has been part of GMI for over four years and in that time he has created some incredibly popular books that have sold the world over. It's great to hear that James has been back in the

Episode 52 – Interview With Kostas Vaporidis
May 05, 2022

Greek guitarist player, teacher and composer Kostas Vaporidis has joined the GMI team on our new website for guitar players titled GMI Premium. Kostas talks about Greek music, Danish Kings and the pro

Episode 51 – Trevor Gordon Hall’s Latest Album Release
October 03, 2021

Prolific guitarist and composer Trevor Gordon Hall has just released his latest album "This Beautiful Chaos". Ged Brockie from GMI discusses this and many other things including meditation with one of

Episode 50 – GMI Podcast Retrospective
September 08, 2021

Not Exactly In The Blink Of An Eye, The GMI Podcast Finally Hits Fifty Our podcast has now hit fifty episodes and we thought it be a great chance to relive some of the funnier and also poignant moment

Episode 49 – Music Lawyers: Who Needs Them?
June 07, 2021

If Your Only Thought Regarding Lawyers & Music Is That They Deal With All The Bad Things In The Music Business...Think Again! - It's often said that musicians are pigeon holed by professionals. A range of stereotypes come to mind regarding laz...

Episode 48 – Help Musicians: A Pandemic Lifeline!
March 10, 2021

It Is Not An Overstatement To Say That The Charity "Help Musicians" Have Made The Difference Between Many Musicians Surviving Or Going Under Across The UK. - The pandemic has hit so many people in all walks of live very hard.

Episode 47 – Jim McCutcheon – A Real American Guitar Hero
November 26, 2020

Jim McCutcheon has a musical life that will inspire you. Based in Ohio, Jim is part of the musical lifeblood of the city and state. - Honored by the State of Ohio, Jim McCutcheon's musical story is a

Episode 46 – Wristruments – A New Way To Learn Guitar With Your Watch!
October 26, 2020

A New App Which Makes Use Of The Apple iWatch To Learn Guitar Is Arriving Soon... -   - Heard of Wristruments yet? If not, check out this podcast which details the app, work and company set up by Joe Corcoran which helps people learn to play ...

Episode 45 – Professor Adam Ballif And Private Music Studio 2 App
October 12, 2020

For teachers looking to keep track of student work & assignments a new lightweight Apple App may just fit the bill. - - Private Music Studio 2 is for music teachers who want to track the progress of

Episode 44 – Musicians & Live Streaming With Andi Lippi
September 02, 2020

As the pandemic continues to prevent most musicians from performing is live streaming a possible alternative for you? Live streaming expert Andi Lippi, possibly the most outwardly positive man on the planet right now,