Grunt the Podcast

Grunt the Podcast

GRUNT: Episode 01

September 28, 2015

GRUNT: A Podcast about War and those who fight.

Episode 01: Pirate Takedown

When was the last time you worried about pirates?

I mean, like real pirates. Not the Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook pirates, but real modern day pirates.

The ones armed with Machine Guns and RPGs that can tear a hole through an M1 Abrams Tank, the most armored tank in the US military.

These pirates are not so friendly.

Off the coast of Somalia, just south of Yemen, there’s a body of water called the Gulf of Aiden, where pirates like these had been operating heavily from 2008-2013

On On September 8th, 2010, nine pirates fired their weapons at the MV Magellan Star, a massive 440-foot-long cargo ship. They forced the captain to bring the ship to a halt, but the crew of eleven had prepared for this scenario. They killed the engine and ran into a safe room deep within the ship, unsure of when or if they would ever get out alive.

What the crew and pirates did not know was that a team of Specially Trained Force Recon Marines just so happened to be in the Gulf of Aiden that same day.

But before the pre-dawn raid the pirates, perched up high above at the very top of the ship, threatened to kill anyone who came aboard. With their multiple machine guns and heavy weapons, they were very capable of doing so.

I spoke with Zach, a Force Recon Marine, who was there that day. Despite the pirate’s threats, Zach his platoon mates charged straight for the ship and lived to tell the tale.

Find out the fate of the pirates and the crew on the debut episode of GRUNT.

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