Growing Older with Gusto

Growing Older with Gusto

Better tune-up your driving OR ELSE! – Henry Ramirez

May 13, 2021

Our first episode in May for Growing Older With Gusto has us exploring the ways we can continue to drive as we grow older without being a hazard on the road.

Our guest, Henry Rameriz, of Oakland, California is an expert in anything to do with driving.  His background as a California Highway Patrol, and owner of the Bay Area Driving School provides him with lots of experience.

Some of the topics we discussed are:

* Teaching nuns at a convent to drive* Unusual teachers at his Driving School* The Consequences of Marijuana on driving* Road Rage* How to Fix Traffic Collision Problems* Ways of Getting Older Family Members off The Road

Henry is also the author of “ Driver TuneUp” available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu Books. 

Put in those earbuds and take a Spring Walk as you learn some insightful tips on deriving as we grow older!