Growing Older with Gusto

Growing Older with Gusto

Learn How To Get Unstuck! with Lucia Knight

February 26, 2021

Today’s episode explores the method for finding oneself & re-inventing ones life at mid-life and beyond.  Our guest, Lucia Knight comes to us from the UK where she started a business called MidLife Unstuck and wrote a book, XChange. 

Lucia took the bold and gusto move of piecing together her work and life experience pre-midlife to helping others get unstuck in both their careers and life!

The show discusses how she used what she calls “Experiments” to jumpstart her own life, create a fulfilling older life, and ultimately help others discover and identify their life passions and move forward.

Her “experiments” started slowly and gained momentum when she shared them with friends who hopped on the bandwagon.  One example is climbing the French Alps in a short period of time.

She refers to “Fierce Midlife Experiments” which often involve physicality and the tenacity to try totally out of the box activities.

She touches on what she calls ones “SuperPowers” and provides the framework for everyone to dig in and figure out what exactly are their SuperPowers!!  Everyone has 4-5 things they do better than other people and enjoy.

Her “Fierce Emporium” is another offering that Lucia provides for those interested in identifying 8 traits for their “Fierce Cube.”

So, take a listen to Lucia and get inspired!!  Our chat is the perfect length for a 20 minute walk for those in warmer climes or for sitting with a cup of hot chocolate if you are spending time indoors right now.

Lucia Knight can be contacted at her website: