Growing Older with Gusto

Growing Older with Gusto

The Chinese Zodiac: Its Influence on Growing Older With Gusto

November 16, 2020

Our guest on the show this week who is making her second appearance is Yvonne Wolf, an intercultural consultant to China.  On the show, we have fun exploring the many ways the Chinese Zodiac influences how people grow older beginning in childhood.

We begin the discussion by talking about the comparison of the Chinese Zodiac to the Zodiac in the Western Hemisphere. Our conversation with Yvonne talks about the significance of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac.

She explains that people can determine someone’s age based on their animal designation!

Other interesting topics we cover include:

* Are there “good” animals and “bad” animals in the Chinese Zodiac?
* What makes the Chinese Zodiac so important to the Chinese people?
* The Zodiac’s influence on childhood, workplace marriage and family life.
* How the Chinese Zodiac Tie into Growing Older With Gusto?

Yvonne will be back on the show talking with us about “Life Begins At 60”

Come take a listen to Yvonne take us on a journey of sorts to China!  It’s a great way to ease yourself into a change of seasons and the Covid-19 fatigue!