Growing Older with Gusto

Growing Older with Gusto

Growing older is a promotion not a demotion! with Yvonne Wolf

October 19, 2020

Yvonne Wolf, our guest on the show this week, is an intercultural communicator who specializes in Asia. She tells us this is the philosophy of aging in Eastern Asia. I think it is also a privilege. Yvonne talks about the Asian mindset when it comes to exercise, diet, menopause, aging, and how the Asians revere those who are older. One story describes the surgeon general of Taiwan coming to senior centers to commend the people on staying healthy! Also,  the grandmother holds status!  Viewed as powerful, they take charge of budgets and other family matters. Older people are always the “go-to”  for advice!

The age of CEO’s in Asia is generally at least 50 years old. So, we’ve just touched the surface. Yvonne will come back on the show and talk about:

*   The Chinese Zodiac and You
*   Why Life Starts At 60
*   Chinese Traditional Medicine and A Healthier You.

So, take a listen - a perfect length for a walk!