Growing Older with Gusto

Growing Older with Gusto

Be Bold and Never Be Old with Rico Caveglia

September 25, 2020

What can I say about a 78 year old man who has the fitness age of 35?  Well, he has a lot to say about how he has been growing older with gusto!

Come listen to Rico Caveglia share with us his 7 Essentials of Life, and how you, too can “Be Bold and Never Be Old!”  He has developed a lifestyle he calls the “Aging Living Lifestyle” that promotes a way of living that ensures we keep on moving in the right direction both physically and mentally.

Rico is an author and a Senior Olympic State Winner in California and walks the talk!

He is currently busy working on a virtual summit that will take place in November where he will have 50 top experts in the field of aging on the platform!  His new product offering is the

“Ageless Body Self Care Guide” which will be available to people attending the summit.

So, let me introduce Rico Caveglia!

Put in your earbuds, listen to Rico and learn how to live agelessly!