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#60 Communicating in a Crisis with Tom Berry
November 25, 2021

Tom Berry joins us on the GrowCFO Show to talk about communications. Tom is passionate about building businesses, creating brilliant places to work, teaching kids and making people happy. His backgrou

#59 Heat Map for Change with Susana Serrano-Davey
November 18, 2021

One of the first tasks you have as a new finance leader is creating a blueprint for your finance function, and the other parts of the business you have responsibility for. Susana Serrano-Davey tells u

#58 The Resurgent CFO with Karlo Bustos
November 11, 2021

Kevin Appleby is joined by, VP of professional services at Board International, Karlo Bustos to discuss the resurgent CFO and how the CFO can be the strategic adviser. What is the resurgent CF

#57 CFO Training with Dan Wells
November 04, 2021

Kevin Appleby is joined by GrowCFO’s Founder and CEO Dan Wells to discuss CFO training and how GrowCFO tries to cater for everyone's needs in their training programmes. Why was there not a goo

#56 The 5 Biggest Communication Traps with Davina Stanley
October 28, 2021

Kevin Appleby is joined by Clarity First Founder, Davina Stanley, to discuss the 5 biggest communication traps. Davina goes into these in detail and how we can avoid falling into them. 1. Assu

#55 The Biggest Finance Leader Challenges
October 21, 2021

In this episode of The GrowCFO Show Dan Wells and Kevin Appleby discuss the 9 biggest challenges faced by finance leaders and what you can do to address some of the underlying issues. We hear about th

#54 Storytelling and the CFO with Susana Serrano-Davey
October 14, 2021

Kevin Appleby is joined by GrowCFO mentor, Susana Serrano-Davey, to discuss storytelling and how it is useful in the CFO role. Where does storytelling come into the CFO role? No matter what

#53 Fast Track Your Personal Development Plan
October 07, 2021

There's a big gap between the skills and competencies you need as CFO to those you have as Head of Finance. The GrowCFO competency framework provides a great way of assessing your readiness for the to

#52 GrowCFO’s Finance leader support Forums
September 23, 2021

Kevin Appleby is joined by GrowCFO's Founder and CEO Dan Wells to discuss the launch of GrowCFO's Finance leader support Forum. Finance leader support Forums overview GrowCFO's community sup

#51 How to present with confidence with Ian Kaye
September 16, 2021

Kevin Appleby is joined by Ian Kaye, CFO and executive coach, to discuss how to present with confidence and how to improve confidence. What is your background and how did you learn to present