Liat Shetret of Elliptic discusses cryptocurrency transactions and new OCC guidance

August 27, 2020

Welcome to GroundBanking, stories about innovation in the financial industry. Each episode, host Terry Ammons features experts in banking and Fintech, who discuss the challenges and opportunities in today’s marketplace — whether it’s embracing new technology, coming up with new lines of business or finding more efficient ways to serve their customers and communities.


In our latest episode, we talk with Liat Shetret, Senior Advisor of Crypto Policy and Regulation at Elliptic - a compliance industry leader that focuses on protecting businesses against financial crime in the cryptocurrency space. The Elliptic suite provides its customers with the assurance and transparency they need to effectively handle crypto transactions without worry.


Liat and Terry dive into how customers specifically benefit from the tool as well as the new guidance published by the OCC, how it effects national banks and cryptocurrency practices and more.

The featured beer in this episode is Three Harvest - a collaboration between Wild Leap Brewing Company (LaGrange, GA) and Extreme Hops (hydroponic hop farm in Auburn, AL).