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Is Hip Hop changing branding culture? HHF 2.2
June 13, 2019

Jive with us on this episode as Chicago artist Calid B and DJ Apollo discuss the culture's continued impact on Fashion. They share insight on how Hip Hop is shaping branding and endorsement culture, the power of artists to make change and how to slay

Hip Hop and Fashion 2.1
May 14, 2019

Do you think women are given enough credit for their influence in Hip Hop? Is there a safe space in Hip Hop that allows women to be represented? Join CeCe Marie, host of Coffee, Tea or Tequila and the rest of the Chicago cast as they reflect on how women

Is Lil Wayne the biggest influencer in Hip Hop? 1.2
March 03, 2019

Is Lil Wayne the biggest influencer in Hip Hop history? Are Hip Hop heads not giving enough credit and recongition to JaRule, Nelly, and Tpain for  what they brought to the game. Some will say that they’ve helped with transcending  the game to what it is

Hip Hop and the 2000's 1.1
February 02, 2019

This segment we sit down with Pat the Cofounder of Rap Chat and Evan Marshall the Editor in Chief of HighFashionLiving to discuss HipHop and the influence this genre has had over an era. Lets Groove. Let's Jive. The GrooveJive