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Greyhound Nation

Latest Episodes

Greyhound Breeding with Michael Strickland
June 18, 2021

Host John Parker and 3rd generation breeder Michael Strickland discuss the art and science of breeding Greyhounds

Greyhound Rehoming in the UK with Paula Beniston
May 27, 2021

Host John Parker discusses Greyhound rehoming in the UK with Paula Beniston of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain

The Greyhound Project
May 07, 2021

Host John Parker joins a roundtable of volunteers from the Greyhound Project to discuss its origins, history and future

British Greyhound Racing with Mark Bird
April 17, 2021

Host John Parker and Mark Bird, Managing Director of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain, discuss British Greyhound racing.

Photographing the Greyhound
April 01, 2021

John Parker and Michael Burns explore photographing the greyhound with Rachel Hogue, Steve Schiferl and Cindy Frezon.

The Greatest of Coursing
March 19, 2021

Host John Parker, Charlie Blanning and Sir Mark Prescott discuss the best Greyhounds, trainers and more from the sport of coursing

Greyhound Gear
February 27, 2021

Host John Parker and producer Michael Burns share their thoughts and reviews of Greyhound gear, from collars to crates to cameras

Interview with Author Kiaran O’Brien
January 13, 2021

Host John Parker interviews Kiaran O'Brien, a former greyhound racing employee and self-published author of "Edge Your Bets"

Greyhounds and Coursing with Sir Mark Prescott
December 08, 2020

Host John Parker discusses English coursing with Sir Mark Prescott, steward of the sport and race horse trainer

Charlie Blanning and His Lastest Greyhound Book
November 17, 2020

Author and Greyhound historian Charlie Blanning shares a preview of his latest Greyhound book with host John Parker