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Greyhound Nation

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Gary Guccione: A Life in Greyhound Racing
October 08, 2021

Host John Parker interviews Gary Guccione, former director of the National Greyhound Association, about his life in Greyhound racing

Greyhound Adoption Author Cynthia Branigan
September 22, 2021

Greyhound adoption author and animal welfare advocate Cynthia Branigan shares news about her upcoming book with host John Parker

Bonus: Mr. Wilby’s Speech to the Children
September 10, 2021

In this bonus episode, Charlie Blanning reads Charlie Wilby’s speech to the children at a 1987 British coursing meeting

Five Essays with Dennis McKeon
August 20, 2021

Greyhound Nation celebrates its one year anniversary with a show featuring five essays with Dennis McKeon, the show’s very first guest

Amateur Racing for Your Greyhound
August 04, 2021

Host John Parker discusses NOTRA and LGRA amateur racing for your Greyhound with Jennifer Ng and Michele Houghton

Bringing Famous Greyhound Stories to the Big Screen
July 21, 2021

Host John Parker and Charlie Blanning discuss history's most famous Greyhounds why their stories would make for great television and film

The “Dean” of ASFA Lure Coursing
July 04, 2021

Host John Parker interviews Dean Wright, president of the American Sighthound Field Association, about all things lure coursing

Greyhound Breeding with Michael Strickland
June 18, 2021

Host John Parker and 3rd generation breeder Michael Strickland discuss the art and science of breeding Greyhounds

Greyhound Rehoming in the UK with Paula Beniston
May 27, 2021

Host John Parker discusses Greyhound rehoming in the UK with Paula Beniston of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain

The Greyhound Project
May 07, 2021

Host John Parker joins a roundtable of volunteers from the Greyhound Project to discuss its origins, history and future