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Between the Seasons: Pursuing Truly Epic Experiences
February 14, 2020

About this episode: - Pew Research finds that the American Dream many in the workforce experienced as upward mobility is long gone; it was replaced by a soberer pursuit of economic stability. As a result, we now fill our homes and storage bins with le...

Between the Seasons: Two Headhunters Talk About Executive Recruiting
February 07, 2020

About this episode: - Listeners of The Tightrope Podcast know that Dan Smolen successfully managed a 20-year run in executive recruiting—a career act that happened because of our guest, Victoria James. She is the founder and president of Victoria Jame...

Between the Seasons: Instilling a Nurturing Workforce Culture
January 31, 2020

About this episode: - Nicole Rousseau has made it her mission to help people in the workplace thrive. During a Fall 2019 appearance on The Tightrope Podcast, Nicole described how she helps people and hiring managers work effectively and happily to sca...

Between the Seasons: Guiding Entrepreneurs to Conscious Leadership
January 24, 2020

In this episode: - Jake Mitchell, the founder of consultancy Serenity Labs, says that impact entrepreneurs tend to give all of their energy towards making a positive difference in the world, among people, and their communities. But,

Between the Seasons: A Londoner Finds Meaningful Work in Recruiting and Radio
January 17, 2020

About this episode: - We go across-the-pond to chat with Russell White, a London-based executive recruiter who doubles as a radio host representing 1970s-era Disco music. Russ recounts his considerable success placing professional talent in execut...

Between the Seasons: Applying Science and Empathy for Meaningful Work
January 10, 2020

About this episode: - If you are committed to finding meaningful work in the new year, then we urge you to consider an internship. We discuss why they are not just for career-focused college students; internships help mid-career professionals to seek ...

Between the Seasons: Designing The User Experience
January 03, 2020

About this episode: - In the first of our "between the seasons" episodes, we ring in 2020 with New Year's resolutions—particularly the ones in which people set out to find a new job. According to an Inc. Magazine survey,

Settle the Debt: School Lunch Debt Relief Non-Profit Provides Attorney Meaningful Work
December 27, 2019

About this episode: "In 2017, I was just driving down the street and I heard this interview on NPR and it was about this child in New Mexico who had gone to get a school lunch. And he walked up to the cash register with his meal in his hands,

Bravery: The Superpower People Need to Do Meaningful Work (Part 2)
December 20, 2019

About this episode: “When you heard the process that they went through to get there, it was painful and it was my process, too. It’s like putting aside everything you’ve ever been taught and saying: I’m really good at this. And,

Bravery: The Superpower People Need to Do Meaningful Work (Part 1)
December 13, 2019

About this episode: “When you are 26-years-old and being thrown into boardrooms to interview the CEO of Pepsi and General Foods and places like that, you really have to learn how to talk to people and to be a little differential,