Great Shot, Kid!

Great Shot, Kid!

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John McTiernan, Billy Dee Williams & What Makes a Director's Cut
June 23, 2018

​Mike and John discuss the rumor that Billy Dee Williams is returning in Star Wars Episode IX, the original Predator with JCVD, what makes a director's cut, and

What We Can Learn from Horror (Especially Halloween) Fans
June 16, 2018

Mike and John discuss the Halloween trailer, and highlight what fans of this, and every, horror franchise can teach other fan bases about rolling with the punch

De Palma, Soderbergh, Nolan & Film Prints
June 10, 2018

Mike and John discuss Brian De Palma throwing shade at Steven Soderbergh, film presentation experiences, Christopher Nolan, and whether there really is any magi

Alternate Cuts We Want & Mike Psychoanalyzes John
June 02, 2018

Mike and John discuss alternate cuts, and then have a psychiatry session about the nature of John's fandom.

Khan, Chase Meridian, The Matrix Reloaded & Clones
May 19, 2018

Mike and John discuss Nick Meyer's Permanently-in-Development Khan TV series, whether Chase Meridian can catch Lou Grant's magic, memories of when the Matrix Re

Solo, Anne V. Coates & Mike's Sneakers
May 12, 2018

Mike & John discuss the Wall Street Journal's article about Solo strife, the legendary work of film editor Anne V. Coates, disagree about Akira Kurosawa's Seven

Shadows of the Empire, Star Trek 4 & Infinity War
May 05, 2018

Mike and John discuss Star Trek 4, Star Trek Discovery, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, and Infinity War.

David Lynch, Twin Peaks & Mike
April 28, 2018

Mike and John discuss Mike's first time watching Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me & his impressions of David Lynch as a filmmaker.

Onscreen AI In Star Wars & Sci-Fi
April 21, 2018

John is joined by special guest Tristan Riddell to discuss onscreen portrayals of AI in Star Wars & Science Fiction in general.

Solo, Star Trek, & Michael Myers
April 14, 2018

Mike and John discuss the credits for Solo: A Star Wars Story, the latest writer to be hired for Star Trek Discovery, & many more behind-the-scenes news items f