The Great Shalom Podcast : Overcoming Learning Disabilities

The Great Shalom Podcast :  Overcoming Learning Disabilities

History and Questions about V*xZns — you know… that v word we can’t talk about!

January 05, 2021

I just raise questions. I review common knowledge history and current events, and do some actual logical thinking, and come up with some things to ask about. Maybe you should consider these things, research these things, and come to your conclusions. I don't presume to be an epidemiologist, a medical doctor, or a lawyer. I am a minister of the gospel. What I do know is that Jesus said, "Take heed! Let no one deceive you!" I do know that deception runs rampant today. I care about you and your children. Witness this work. Please take heed.


The idea of vaccines have been with us for a while. Luis Pasteur is credited with inventing vaccines, which is not entirely true, as they were in use before his promotion of them. However, there is reason to think that on his deathbed he did agree with his friend and challenger who said that gardens are better if made healthier rather than merely poisoned. In other words, making the human system more healthy in order to strengthen its own capabilities would be better than artificially creating an agent to kill one germ.

After decades of trying, we have not been able to create an HIV/AIDS vaccine. While we have many flu vaccines, they are not entirely effective. We have to guess which one/s to use. For some people they are a nuisance; for others a boon, even with the small risk of death. The stats, or the probability of death, however, from the new covid-19 vaccine is much higher than that of the flu vaccine. The stats on the contagion and death from the covid-19 vaccine are inflated and certainly nothing near the perception given by the sensationalistic media. Fortunately, few have died from covid. Most of those were older or had other serious problems. Viruses are part of the brokenness of the world; they are hard to stop; they mutate toward weaker.

And who would have created such a thing in the first place?


Doctors are weighing in on the subject, but you might not know it, due to current pervasive media and social media policy of permitting only the official view -- no matter how unscientific or unAmerican that view or that policy might be. Dr. Kelly Victory has been actively questioning the covid response, and has good credentials for doing so.

Dr. Don Colbert is very popular in faith circles, and loved by GSB. He has said some things previously about flu vaccines. We are not aware of his having weighed in on covid-19 specifically.

Oh! Where did all my links go. Ohhh. Things are getting really really spoooky.
Here is how and where to report if you or your child has been injured by a vavccine: I have no experience with this myself; looks good, but use your own judgement.


There is a strong push to discredit anyone who asks questions or who had an actual scientific criticism. Anyone who distrusts "medicine" or "the media" is crazy. Right. You judge that. But here is a study about the breakdown. If you actually read it and sort out the facts you will find that both Republicans and Democrats have serious reservations and those who are more educated are more concerned -- and have been.