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Ep 009 - Chillin' in La Jungla - Audio
July 09, 2019

In our first of four episodes recorded down in Peru, Austin & Chris interview the other Adult Leaders about their experiences & observations just a few days into the 12-day adventure in South America. Hope you enjoy this glimpse into the early stages o…

Ep 008 - Letters from Camp with Austin & Chris - Audio
April 08, 2019

In this episode, Austin & Chris sit down to talk about recent trips that Great Oaks students & men took to Miracle Camp. This camp is a place with a long history of changing lives. Hope you enjoy a glimpse into what it's like to go to Camp for a weeken…

Ep 007 - A Thousand More Times - Medical Missions with Jordyn Lewandowski & Brealyn Bailliez - Audio
April 02, 2019

Jordyn Lewandowski & Brealyn Bailliez - both nurses by profession - recently took a leap of faith and participated in their first-ever Medical Missions Trip. The trip turned out to be more than they ever imagined as they navigated a last-minute change …

Ep 006 - Dawn "the Wildcat" Weinman - Audio
February 18, 2019

In Episode 006 we interview Dawn Weinman who is a Great Oaks member and participant in two of our key international initiatives - Basque & Peru. Once you listen to her story, you won't be surprised why her heart is drawn towards the international commu…

Ep 005 - Fabiano the Hampster Whisperer - Audio
February 06, 2019

In Episode 005 we interview Fabiano Rivera - Associate Pastor of Creative Arts. Almost everybody at Great Oaks know Fabiano from his work on-stage Sunday morning and throughout the week with the Youth Bands, but they probably don't know the rest of his…

Ep 004 - Glorified Babysitters - Audio
January 28, 2019

In Episode 004, we interview two Great Oaks college students who recently traveled to Peru to serve our missionaries through a unique opportunity. Some people would say the members of this team were just "glorified babysitters" for a week, but we think…

Ep 003 - What's Poppin' with Peyton - Audio
January 06, 2019

In Episode 003, we interview Peyton Grantham - a recent High School graduate who has been actively involved in the life of Great Oaks Student Ministry for the last five years. Peyton is about to embark on a new adventure that you won't want to miss hea…

Ep 002 An Interview with Co-Host Austin Lewandowski - Audio
December 30, 2018

In Episode 002, we interview Austin Lewandowski - the individual behind the idea for this podcast. We spend time talking about Austin's background and process of coming to faith as well as his experience with his first-ever Mission Trip. Hope you enjoy…

Ep 001: Hello & Goodbye - An Interview with Pastor Branden Lambiase - Audio
December 20, 2018

For our inaugural podcast we interview Pastor Branden Lambiase who has served the last three years as Associate Student Pastor for Great Oaks. He is making a transition in careers to become a police officer. Listen in as Chris Genders & Austin Lewandow…