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Episode 226 – Thanksgiving/The Last Thanksgiving
November 29, 2023

The table is set, the turkey is in the oven, it's time to chow down on a brand new, Thanksgiving themed episode of The Grave Plot Podcast! We first bring out a healthy helping of horror d'ouvres in

Episode 225 – Dear David/Suitable Flesh
November 01, 2023

Gooooood morning, Vietnam! We've got the cure to your Halloween hangover, a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast! We kick off the post-Halloween season with some Real World Horror about a Fi

Octoberama 2023, Vol. 4 – Dark Harvest/The Barn Part II/Kim Douthit
October 25, 2023

Happy Halloween all you foxes and cockses! When you trick or treat at our place, you always get the good stuff. Look, I know the sign says "just take one" but we've got TWO brand new Halloween them

Octoberama 2023, Vol. 3 – The Blob (1988)/Feast II: Sloppy Seconds
October 18, 2023

Webster's Dictionary defines "creature" as... nah, we're not doing that. What we are doing is the first ever Week of the Creature (Feature), an Octoberama theme selected by our Patreon patrons! We

Octoberama 2023, Vol. 2 – Night of the Creeps/Little Monsters/Langley West
October 11, 2023

A dark and stormy night. A cold and empty graveyard. One tombstone peeks above the rest, the stone cracked and worn. Suddenly, a hand bursts through the sod. The flesh peels away and the bone undernea

Octoberama 2023, Vol. 1 – Blood Relatives/Subspecies V: Bloodrise
October 04, 2023

Velcome to Octoberama 2023! No, that's not a typo, it's a bad Transylvanian accent because this is Week of the Vampire! In today's Real World Horror story, we take a look at a women stuck in a

Episode 224 – A Haunting in Venice/Cobweb
September 20, 2023

Do you wanna party? It's party time. Come for punch and pie, stay for Horror Business. In Real World Horror, we take a look at the new "aliens" revealed to the Mexican Congress. We then talk about

Episode 223 – The Last Voyage of the Demeter/Haunting of the Queen Mary
September 06, 2023

Come aboard the mighty SS Grave Plot and prepare for horror on the high seas! First stop on this three hour tour is Real World Horror, where we'll examine the curious case of the haunted cell phone

Episode 222 – Haunted Mansion/The Haunted Mansion
August 16, 2023

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Grave Plot Podcast. Kindly step all the way in please, and make room for everyone. Theres no turning back now. First up, we've got some Real World Horror to discus

Episode 221 – Natty Knocks/Cheerleader Camp
July 26, 2023

Do you ever just... stare off into the void and wonder what the world has in store for us? Like... Where do we go when all this ends? What is the purpose of our existence? We continue these thought