Episode 151: Is Anything Organic Anymore?

October 08, 2019

The edited videos from Homecoming weekend will be rolled out this week. The Virgin Atlantic in flight chat system is creepy, who asked for this? The Joker movie is getting people all riled up. We have a big team call tomorrow to decide our launch date. If you support our efforts to build a transparent audience owned studio then please like share and subscribe across all our channels.

Main Topic

Does anything go viral organically? Which also led into a rant about how Hollywood has offered Kris the proverbial deal with the devil on many occasions.

Discord Question

What films are we looking forward to seeing that will be contenders for awards?

Bullet Blitzes

* Did Tyler Perry build his 330 acre studio a bit a late in the Hollywood life cycle?* Is Scorcese yelling get off my lawn at Marvel?* Is there a power shift between the sexes happening?* What type of talent competition should there be that doesn’t already exist?

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