Grace on Tap

Grace on Tap

Episode 71 – Luther’s Postil First Sunday in Advent Gospel Part 4

June 01, 2023

In this edition, Evan Gaertner and Mike Yagley delve into the fourth part of their series on Martin Luther’s “Postil,” where they explore Luther’s sermon on the Gospel reading for the First Sunday in Advent. Join us as we uncover the rich teachings embedded within Luther’s sermon commentary and discover their relevance to our lives today.

The Gospel reading for the First Sunday in Advent is from Matthew 21:1-9, recounting Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. Luther, renowned for his focus on scriptural exegesis, proceeds to dissect the passage, unearthing profound truths within its verses.

Luther emphasizes the significance of Jesus’ choice to ride on a donkey, showcasing his humility and servanthood. We underscore how this act aligns with Jesus’ entire ministry, wherein he consistently prioritized selflessness and compassion for others. We stress the importance of emulating this humility in our own lives, reminding us that true greatness lies in our willingness to serve and love one another.

Furthermore, Luther unveils the dual nature of Jesus’ kingship. While riding on a lowly donkey signifies humility, it is simultaneously an assertion of his divine authority. As the people welcome Jesus with shouts of “Hosanna!” and waving palm branches, they acknowledge him as their king and savior. Jesus transcends worldly power and seeks to bring salvation to all who believe.

Relevance Today

Luther’s words have relevance to our lives. We underscore the timeless nature of the themes addressed: humility and kingship. Just as Jesus humbly served, we are called to follow his example by serving others with selflessness and love.

Simultaneously, we are reminded of the spiritual kingship of Jesus, which offers salvation and hope. Jesus reigns in our lives and we can surrender to his kingship more fully.

Beer Break

New Holland Brewing Company Lightpoint Peak. Brewed with coconut water, orange peel, and spices to make it a compliment for a winter day. This beer does not receive a positive review from us.