Grace on Tap

Grace on Tap

Episode 59 – 1520 Year in Review

November 23, 2020

1520 is a year of suspense. The pope renews his calls for Luther to be silenced. Luther publishes some of his most significant books in his lifetime. Emperor Charles V is crowned at Aachen. This episode reviews Luther’s major literary works. We also follow the activities of Rome that lead up Luther’s excommunication.

Beer Break

Ore Dock Brewing Co. – Porter

114 Spring Street

Marquette, Michigan


Hints of coffee and bittersweet chocolate maneuver themselves through the full flavored roastiness of this jet-black ale.  Though altogether complex, the medium body and subtle carbonation of this porter delivers year-round enjoyment dark beer lovers.

Style: American Robust Porter

Yeast: British Ale

Hops:  Fuggles

Water Source: Lake Superior

Grains: Optic, Munich, Carmel, Amber, Black, Chocolate, Pale Chocolate

IBU: 27                ABV: 5.6%                Original Gravity: 1.058

Dates Available: Year Round

Available Packages:  6-pack bottles, draft

*2013 Beverage Tasting Institute World Beer Championships Silver Medal 88pts