Grace on Tap

Grace on Tap

Episode 72 – Second Sunday in Advent Gospel Part 1

July 25, 2023

Mike Yagley and Evan Gaertner explore Dr. Martin Luther’s Winter Postil – Second Sunday in Advent Gospel (Part 1)

“Grace on Tap,” is a podcast that delves into the heart of Reformation theology, particularly focusing on the teachings of Martin Luther. We hope to provide a fresh and engaging approach as we tackle complex theological concepts, making them accessible to seasoned theologians and those new to the subject. We do this all over a nice cold beer that we review.

Martin Luther’s Winter Postil is a collection of his commentaries on the assigned lectionary readings for the church. The episode centers around Luther’s teachings on the Gospel reading for the Second Sunday in Advent, a time of anticipation and preparation for the celebration of Christ’s birth.

Luther’s Postil was a significant work during the Reformation. These textual commentaries were aimed at providing guidance and understanding to clergy and laity alike. Luther’s lucid explanations of biblical texts were instrumental in shaping Protestant theology and remain relevant today. Concordia Publishing House details the significance of Luther’s Postils: “Martin Luther’s collected sermons for the church year were originally published in two series: the Church Postil and the House Postil. These were among his most popular works. Aside from his catechisms, they did more to teach people about the Reformation than any other book. Volume 75 gives the sermons on the Epistle and Gospel readings from Advent through Christmastide in fresh, clear English. “

Beer Break

Fregeist Bierkulture “Schwarzbier” Black Lager from Stolberg, Germany. This dark beer brewed in the style of Thuringia has strong coffee and caramel notes. It is known to be smooth, not-too-roasty, and a very balanced type of black lager. Thank you Kirk for donating this beer for us to review.