Grace and Wrath Podcast

Grace and Wrath Podcast

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Ep. 112: Transfer of Power
December 06, 2022

When David became old and frail, he was always cold. Covering him with blankets didn’t help. Finally they decided to provide him with a nurse that would sleep with him. They found a beautiful virgin a

Ep. 111: Numbering the People
December 05, 2022

King David called for Joab and said, Go throughout the land and number all the people. He did this to see how big of an army he could build. Joab knew this wasnt Gods will for David. He said, Don

Ep. 110: Ethnic Cleansing
December 02, 2022

A famine hit the land of Israel. At first, David thought it was a natural event until it lasted for three years. He then realized the famine was from God. So he asked the Lord about it. God said, It

Ep. 109: Wise Woman of Abel
December 01, 2022

David removed Joab from his command of the army. He replaced him with Amasa, who was also his nephew. He said to Amasa, Gather my troops in three days so you can hunt down Sheba. Amasa started gathe

Ep. 108: David’s Kingdom Restored
November 30, 2022

After Absalom was defeated and killed, his army ran from the battlefield and went back to their homes. At that point the people of Israel started remembering all the good things David had done for the

Ep. 107: Absalom’s Defeat
November 29, 2022

David was prepared for war by the time Absalom had gathered a large army and chased after him. People of that area had given him supplies and Joab had organized the army. David laid out a plan of acti

Ep. 106: Absalom’s Revolt
November 28, 2022

Absalom was a handsome man with beautiful thick hair. He was also ambitious and wanted to be king. To impress people, he rode in a chariot with 50 men running ahead of him. In the morning, he stood by

Ep. 105: Absalom’s Return
November 26, 2022

After three years, David finally stopped mourning for Amnon. Then he started to miss his son Absalom. Still, he wouldnt ask him to return from hiding. Joab noticed this, so he hired a woman who was g

Ep. 104: Tamar
November 25, 2022

Amnon was Davids oldest son, and was his favorite. Amnon had everything he wanted, except one thing. He wanted his half sister Tamar. She was beautiful and a virgin. He thought about her all the time

Ep. 103: Nathan’s Story
November 23, 2022

Only God knew about Davids sin with Bathsheba. He sent the prophet Nathan, who stood before the king and told this story: There were two men who lived in the same city. One was rich. He had a large