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Pre 44 Recap
July 23, 2023

Turning 44 next week, Scotty decided to upload this podcast and knows that people always love when he does updates, so this is for those fans!! Enjoy and share if you care... --- Support this podcast:

Where have you been?
May 05, 2023

This audio only exclusive, I give you an update on me, my terrible, horrible, no good car, drop a couple of demo Trax and lots more.... Indulge and enjoy!!--- Support this podcast:

End of Year Review Part 1: Dumping The Fun
November 30, 2022

We kickoff Series 5 by reviewing the bits I've done both well and ummm... Needs some work on! Drop the infamous Ad Rolls that'll eventually get picked up, and drop some upcoming releases on ya to top it off.... Part 2 coming soon

Live in Front of an Audience.... Of few!!
September 15, 2022

Live Episode from YouTube Live... --- Support this podcast:

Whew! I messed up...
August 24, 2022

Tried to do a simultaneous live on YouTube and this and well... This is the shortest and weirdest one you're gonna get!! Enjoy --- Support this podcast:

Catching These Updates!! #Spotify #Anchor #Apple #Google #Exclusive
August 10, 2022

After what was a LONG ASS TIME, decided to do a quick recap and catch-up of myself and what I've been going through... Also included the famous fake ads bit and shout-out to the new sponsor's holding me down!! @lassogear @razeenergy @yourselfcaresundays

Back from The Dead????
June 14, 2021

Decided to drop this dime and update everyone on the nothings I've been up to and be slightly topical and promote my music and some new old Sponsors too! #Comedy #Life #Funny #Sponsored #Partner #Music #$cotW8 #CashApp #Venmo #ScottyBeFunny --- Suppor

Welcome Back Scotty!! #ScottyBeFunny
October 24, 2020

After a long break, we open up Season 3 with an update on me, life, comedy, current events too. We also run some funny but obviously fake Adrolls, and end on some updates on upcoming shows. #Comedy #Podcasts #AchorPartner #SpotifyArtist #Funny #Li

June 26, 2020

In this special episode and rebranded ScottyBeFunny Podcast, I dive into my own personal and controversial past in the Phoenix Comedy Scene and also my hot takes on #BLM #CancelCulture and of course #PoliceReform etc and end with a b-day shout-out to one

Just a little something to tide you over
April 12, 2020

Random thoughts from a guy named Scotty--- Support this podcast: