Performance Matters Podcast

Performance Matters Podcast

Episode #104 | Quiet Quitting: For Real or No Big Deal?

February 22, 2023

Quiet quitting refers to employees who disengage from their work and gradually withdraw from their responsibilities, even though they have not officially resigned from their job. This behavior can have a negative impact on the morale of other employees and the overall performance of the company. Episode 104 of the Performance Matters podcast delves into the topic of “Quiet Quitting — For Real or No Big Deal?” Join host Michael Thiel as he sits down with Katy Bailey, learning strategist and expert in the modern workforce, to explore the phenomenon of quiet quitting and its impact on the workplace.

During the interview, Katy sheds light on the reasons why employees might resort to quiet quitting and the importance of engagement in preventing this behavior. She shares her insights and experience in addressing this issue and offers practical tips for managers and leaders to keep their employees engaged and motivated. In this informative episode of Performance Matters, tune in as Michael and Katy discuss ways to address quiet quitting in the workplace and offer practical solutions for keeping employees engaged and motivated.