Performance Matters Podcast

Performance Matters Podcast

Episode #118 | Compliance Training: Past, Present and Future

August 10, 2023

Compliance training. To many, these words conjure up awkward lectures followed by signing an agreement or suffering through gated computer-based / web-based training in what one might call “pop up purgatory”.

But, what if compliance training could be approached in a different way? What if it could actually HELP drive performance? What if it could touch hearts and minds in authentic ways? What if it could flex and adapt to meet your associates where THEY are in their current knowledge and expertise?

These are the exact types of questions the GP Learning Experience team is already thinking about, and has a LOT to say about!

In this latest episode Andrew Joly, Global Head of Strategy for GP Learning Experience interviews Dr. Liz Hornby, GP Learning Experience’s Principal Learning Consultant and Compliance Training expert on the topic of Compliance Training’s past, present, and future.

Without exaggeration, they’re both luminaries in the field of compliance training and learning experience, but with very unique areas of focus.

Dr. Liz Hornby is one of the world’s foremost experts in compliance-related consulting and training design. Formally trained as a lawyer, she holds a PhD from the University of London where her dissertation focused on whistleblowing within the UK fin serv industry. Over the past 30 years, she has advised some of the largest and most admired financial services organizations in the domain of compliance training and related efforts.

As you’ll hear Andrew’s perspective is multifaceted as well. Over the past three decades, Andrew has had an active role in visual design, design direction, and learner experience, often applying his talents to leveling up compliance training initiatives..

We guarantee you are going to pick up some valuable insights on compliance training’s past and where GP Learning Experience is taking it in the future.