Performance Matters Podcast

Performance Matters Podcast

Episode #117 | Learning Experience – A New Perspective on Learning for the Future

July 27, 2023

There is an undeniable, and exciting change occurring in organizational learning and talent development across the globe. The shift away from conventional approaches of instructional design is giving way to a focused movement towards a practice known as Learning Experience.

GP Strategies has been at the forefront of the Learning Experience movement and recently reorganized its learning service practice to more fully reflect its importance under a new division called GP Strategies Learning Experience.

Host, Micheal Thiel is joined by two luminaries of the GP Strategies Learning Experienc team, to discover more about the practice of Learning Experience and the new perspectives learning holds for the future of learning. In his conversation with Andrew Joly, Head of Strategy for GP Learning Experience and Ella Richardson, Global Head of Consulting & Experience Design for GP Learning Experience, Micheal ran the Learning Experience gamut, discussing the history and evolution of Learning Experience, through very specific ways it is helping to unlock greater human and organizational performance.