GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast – number 77

October 01, 2022

Two-way satellite communicators and GPS Training

In this month’s podcast –

A bit of a theme running through this month’s podcast with the launch of 2 new products in the last few weeks

  1. Zoleo – Two-way satellite communicator
  2. Garmin inReach messenger – launched in the last few days
  3. GPS in the Hills – we will look at what this is and the areas we are covering in it
  4. GPS courses – 2023 dates in place
  5. Andy’s top tips

So, without a further a do let’s get on with this month’s GPS Training Podcast

  1. Zoleo – Two-way satellite communicator

What is it?

ZOLEO connects with your phone or tablet to provide seamless global messaging that follows you in and out of mobile network coverage — plus added safety features you can count on worldwide including industry-leading SOS alerting features.

  • Message anywhere over satellite, mobile network and Wi-Fi
  • SOS emergency alerting with 24/7 monitoring and progress reports
  • Check-in to let others know you’re OK
  • Share your GPS location


  1. Garmin inReach messenger – launched in the last few days

Compact/ Rugged design

Two-way messaging

Garmin Messenger app

Check in messages

Trackback routing

On device display

InReach weather

Battery life – 28 days

Safety charging – for mobile phone


Location sharing

Comparing these two very similar products – which is best?


Garmin Positives against Zoleo

More standalone eg small screen allows selecting of pre-set messages, typing a message, viewing weather data , receiving & viewing messages – do not necessarily need phone paired

Screen has basic trackback arrow

Better Battery

Smaller lighter

No charge for preset messages

Messenger app works seamlessly for message to come either via mobile data or Satellite

Reverse charge to phone – make sure you have USB C to phone cable with you


Against compared to Zoleo

Min Safety package £12.99 annually contract or £14.99 for month by month freedom does not include tracking £0.10 per point need to really use tracking you would want to us recreation package £24.99 annual contract or £34.99 for month by month

Zoleo min package £18.00 + £4.50 location share

Zoleo min 3 months then can suspend but £3.50 a month for suspend

Costs £40.00 more than Zoleo

Harder to transfer between family members than Zoleo

To message you friends do need to install Garmin messenger app having said that easy to use app



Positive against Garmin

Designated email address and number, giving number to contacts they do not need any apps unless they want to track you

Very easy do unpair from phone and give to another family member to use and pair

£40.00 cheaper

With tracking you can use the £18.00 + £4.50 add on, although less messages than Garmins mid package you would save £2.50 per month

Less features potentially some customers my find easier to use – one simple check in button

Potentially bigger patch antenna in testing messages using satellite very quick need to test against Garmin to compare

Good range of accessories for carrying – car mount


  1. GPS in the Hills – we will look at what this is and the areas we are covering in it


This course is for those who have been on our two-day Garmin GPS Training course.

If you have been on a course in the last 5 years and have not been given a discount code (which halves the price of this course) please do get in touch with us.

  1. The week leading up to the course – Live Zoom tutorial taking you through the route planning process. If you are unable to make this there will be a recording available.
  2. On the day– straight out onto the hill –

– Following the pre-planned route

– Looking at the different navigational experiences for a route, track, and course

– Trackback – we will do a trackback taking us back the way we came

– Creating a route directly on the unit

– Managing an emergency situation – what options do we have and how are we going to approach this

– Changing the ‘pre planned’ plans – what options do we have and how we do this

– Navigating in the dark, how to set up our GPS units

This will all be delivered during an 8 – 12 mile walk (depending on elevation climbed) and only people who have been on our 2-day course will be invited onto the course.


If you attend a course you also get free access to our online resource and you get email support for 1-year post-course (normally £80.00).

South Downs – last Friday

Lakes – Sat 1st Oct 2022

Lakes – Sun 2nd Oct 2022

Northumberland – Sat 29th Oct 2022

South Downs – Fri 29th Sept 2023

Lakes – Sat 21st Oct 2023

Northumberland – Sat 28th October 2023


To find out more about our GPS courses please go to our website – > Garmin – GPS in the Hills – Nationwide


  1. GPS courses – 2023 dates in place 

    Two-day course – Garmin – Overview

One-day course – SatMap – Overview – Northumberland only for coming year

Course locations

Clayton, South Downs

Burley, New Forest

Ashleworth, Gloucestershire

Braybrook, Northamptonshire

Calver, Peak District

Mungrisdale, Lake District

Rothbury, Northumberland

Peebles, Scottish Borders

To find out more about our GPS courses please go to our website – > then select either Garmin or SatMap courses


  1. The next thing on this month’s GPS Training Podcast is Andy’s top tips

 InReach devices

If wanting to keep tracking cost down instead of mid package use safety package make sure you turn of tracking and utilize more the pre-set messages eg you could setup a preset message with Checking in all okay and have you location included then maybe send one manually every hour – downside is you have to remember to send but no costs for preset messages.

Presets setup from your account then you must sync your inreach Mini 2 , 66i, 700i with explore app, if using older inreach mini 1 remember to use inreach sync program to sync changes

Zoleo if you want to use tracking remember to add on £4.50 add on and then unlimited tracking every 10 mins as checking button will come of message allowance and then cost £0.55 per message whereas for £4.50 auto tracking to 5 x people

Recommend always doing one test message before you go non trip to make sure all setup fine

Clear view of sky to send messages using Satellites, to test satellite message working on new Messenger and Zoleo turn of mobile data and wifi on your phone temporarily when testing

To find more top tips please do sign up for the GPS Training online resource, this is packed full of video top tips. Go to our website – and click on the – Online resource – on the top menu bar