GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training podcast – number 59

September 01, 2021

Free route planning software, basic terminology, mapping options and ask Ian

In this month’s podcast

We look at the FREE NEW GPS training route planning softwareBasic terminology – what does it all mean?Mapping options for an Outdoor GPS unitAsk Ian – Ian answers the questions you have been asking over the past monthStock availability

So, without a further ado lets get on with this months GPS Training Podcast

The first thing on this month’s Podcast is a quick look over the new FREE GPS Training route planning software

Where do you find this? and click on OS planner (top menu bar) or scroll down to the bottom of homepage and you will see a banner taking you to it.

Why have we done this?

Trying to give a free alternative to those not wanting to use Garmin BaseCamp or Xpedition 2 as we are finding it hard to support OS route planner, Memory map, Qua, Anquet etc etc

Also – to get traffic onto the website – link building – so if anybody can help with this it would be appreciated.

Very basic, easy to use route planning softwarePlan on 1:25k maps even if you just have 1:50k maps on your GPSAnd to prove this I recently did a walk and talk with a Garmin eTrex 10, first planning my route on our OS planner firstIt is free and will continue to beAndy has created training videos, these you will find underneath the route planning software

Please enjoy, share with your friends, walking groups and anybody who may be interested in it, its FREE! And if you can link to it from your walking group, walking festival, local website it would be very much appreciated.

To access the free OS route planning software please go to and click on OS planner on the top menu bar and a very big thank you for all the kind comments you have sent us about it over the past few weeks, since it has been launched.

The next thing on this month’s GPS training podcast is to discuss the basic terminology we/ you use when navigating with an outdoor GPS unit

What is a -


To find out more about our GPS training courses please go to our website – and click on GPS Training Courses on the top menu bar

The next thing on this month’s GPS training podcast is a look at the varies map options you get on both Garmin and SatMap GPS units

So Ian, lets start off with the SatMap options – UK options- Solo Unit- Adventure maps 25k – Open Street mapping – really 1:25k?- 1:50k option – Land ranger map equivalent – pink cover- Platinum Edition – 1:10k, 1:25k, 1:50k and 1:250k – Explorer map (1:25k) Orange cover in the paper form

Moving onto the Garmin options – again UK options- Topo Active maps – Walk and talk we discuss using the Garmin eTrex 10 (a GPS with no maps) - Birdseye Download – Voucher – 25,000 sq km – Don’t get confused with Birdseye satellite download25k maps also show Field Boundaries, open Access areas and permissive paths, which you don’t get on the 1:50k maps- Discoverer mapping and TOPO PRO (map cards) – what are the differences – Routable data and updated map set- TOPO PRO – 1:50k and 1:25k (1:25k, 1:50k and 1:250k) – How do you select each of these map sets?

If you want to see what each of the map sets look like, please go to our website – and click on the magnifying glass (top right) – and type in map options – underneath the products you will see an article - Garmin mapping options for outdoor GPS

The next thing on this month’s podcast is – Ask Ian.

From Nathan - After meeting your colleagues at the Geocaching Mega in Lincolnshire last week. I've been reassured that sending in questions of the one I'm about to ask should attract a response - it'd be interesting to see how many others are facing the same issue, or whether it's another one of those early bugs I've caught.

The issue pertains to some Geocaches not showing on my Garmin Montana 700.

It seems random in which caches are affected,