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GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast – number 41

August 01, 2020

My special guest this month is Chris Howard, Chris is just about to set out on a walk the coastline around mainland Britain, a mere 11,000 miles.

My first question Chris has to be why, that’s a long way?

When I was thinking about our chat last night, my mind was just awash of questions, no structure, just so many unknowns.

So, you must have something like this before, surely something must have wet your appetite before you decided to set out on this epic journey?

8 years ago rowed across the Atlantic Ocean - 3,000 miles

Walking the coast of Britain

Let’s try and get our heads around the journey you are going to set out on.

When are you starting?

25th July, this Saturday

Where are you starting from?

North Norfolk, heading clockwise, so really, I just have to keep the sea on my left.

How many miles will you walk each day?

On average 20-30 or as close to 30 as I can physically manage whilst carrying everything I need.

So that’s 366 days, 365 days in a year, are you planning to do it in a year or are you going to take rest days?Route planning?Carrying your kit, no support?

Can I backtrack a little – training, what have you been doing

What training walks have you been doing?How long have you been training for?On those training walks what have you learnt?

So, lets jump back to your trip

You sleeping out most nights, just wild camping?

Tent - Tera Nova laser comp 2

GPS Navigation – GPSMAP64sRaising money for Charity – Children in Need?Can we speak to you again a number of times over the coming year?

Where can people find out more about your epic journey and I believe they can track you online?

Web - Facebook - christhecoastwalker Twitter - @thecoastwalker

And Finally

Jon leads

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