GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast – number 40

July 04, 2020

Andy is back! This month we have Andy, who was the co-host for the first 18 episodes of the GPS Training Podcast back with us.

In this month’s podcast we –

We chat with Andy how he is using a Garmin watch for lots of varied activities, cycling, running, walking and also how you use Garmin devices as a family.Ian’s FAQ, the frequently asked question Ian gets asked whilst supporting our customers.

The first thing on this month’s a look at on this months podcast is how Andy and his family have been and continue to use Garmin watches and handhelds for all sort of activities.


Instinct – Fenix

Rosie – vivo junior

Julie – Forerunner 25

Challenge each other – steps challenge – in Garmin connect

To find out more about the Garmin GPS watches and devices we have been discussing please just go to our website – and click on GPS Store

2. The next thing on this month's Podcast is Ian’s FAQ’s, the frequently asked question he gets asked whilst supporting our customers.

It has become apparent over the last few weeks that one or two of our customers are going in to the Internal Storage of their Garmin or Satmap GPS and altering/adding/deleting various files and folders or using their micro SD map cards to store all sorts of things on them.

Please don’t do it. I can only think of these times when it would be appropriate to do so.


Corrupt gpx file – the link for the instructions is here

Deleting FIT files – the link for the instructions is here

Backing up Birdseye mapping – the link for the instructions is here


With a new Active 20, sometimes the Route folder doesn’t initially appear and needs to be created. In this instance

Mac Finder/Windows File Explorer>double click Satmap internal folder>right click in the space>New>Folder>ROUTESDisconnect the Active 20>power button>Main Menu screen>Folders>Internal Storage>Refresh>the folder should then appear


Deleting FIT files – this is exactly the same as for that for a GPS

Courses – these can’t be deleted via Basecamp.

Connect the watch to your PC/Mac>Primary folder>Garmin folder>Courses folder

Map cards

Please don’t store anything on them. They are there for preloaded maps only

Don’t forget we have lots of tips and solutions to your questions in the GPS Training online resource - go to – gpstraining – click on – online resource – on the top menu bar – and then log in – select your unit and you will see the top tips for that unit down at the bottom of the menu of units.

And Finally

Many thanks for listening and let us know anything you would like to be covered in the Podcast please do let us know and if you know of anybody interesting that you would like to hear interviewed in future podcasts please do let us know.Give us a call especially if you are thinking of a new GPS unitPlease do look a look at both our physical GPS courses and also our webinars, just go to and click on – GPS Training courses. Our courses are back online with some of the Covid 19 restrictions being lifted so please do join us on one of our courses.Please do tell your friends about the podcast and GPS Training and encourage them to subscribe to it on whichever Podcast app they are using.AND don’t forget to give us 5 star rating on iTunes and Google Podcasts, for Android users, just look in the Playstore and download this app, search for the GPS Training Podcast and subscribe to it. If you can also snazzy review on whatever platform you listen to us on it would be appreciated.Many thanks to Ian and Andy for joining me on this month’s podcast and I very much you can join us again in the near future.