GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast – number 29

December 06, 2019

Welcome to this month’s GPS Training podcast, it’s our 29th episode.

* In this months we again have Ian from GPS Training, Tom from Garmin and myself Jon, who is also from GPS Training.

So, without further ado let’s get on with today’s podcast ……

It's our 29th podcast.

In today’s podcast we look at –

* Choosing an outdoor GPS unit. What to look for, things to think about.* Course options – Garmin 2 day, SatMap 1 day, Webinars, Online resource – prices going up on Christmas Eve, so book early* Whether to own a watch or not as well as a GPS, do we need two devices?* We then have a chat with Tom about the 

* Then a quick follow up about the new Garmin GPSMAP86s, which we discussed briefly in last months podcast* Ian’s FAQ’s

* I know last month, on podcast number 28, we talked about the best GPS units and watches as we started the build up to Christmas. 

I know this did bring Ian out in a hot sweat, so this month no Christmas chat but we are going to look more at what to look for and think about when thinking about changing or purchasing your first GPS unit.

On our website we have a form, I will link to it in the show notes (link here) which asks the following questions –

* What will you be using an Outdoor GPS for?



On road cycling

Off road cycling


Off road motorcycling


* Have you had an Outdoor GPS before?



* If you have had a GPS before, what was it?

* Have you any preferences on brand?

* Have you and preference of buttons or touchscreen?

* Is screen size important?

* What mapping are you looking for on your GPS?

1:50k Ordnance Survey

1:25k Ordnance Survey



Don’t know

* What is your budget?

And if you would line a personal recommendation on what is the best GPS unit/ watch for you please do go to our website – and you will see on the homepage – Personalised GPS advice, get your recommendation

2 – The next thing we look at on this month’s Podcast is a look at the GPS training courses we have coming up in 2020

We are talking about this because if you have bought a GPS from us in the last twelve months you will be getting a mini brochure with all our GPS Training courses on for 2020.

If you don’t get one, don’t worry as you can request one in the New Year.

But in preparation for this we thought it would be good just to talk through the physical GPS training courses we deliver around the UK.

* GarminIan delivers the courses in – New Forest (Burley), Northamptonshire (Great Cransley) and South Downs (Clayton)

Jon delivers the courses in – Northumberland (Rothbury), Peak District (Eyam) and Scottish Borders (Peebles)

* SatMap

In 2020 we are very Southern focused with courses in New Forest (Burley),