GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast – number 28

November 01, 2019

It's our 28th

In today’s podcast we ……

* 2 mins 30 seconds - Chat about the dreaded C word, yes Christmas. What top kit is around and is tempting us as we approach the festive period. Don’t worry it’s not all going to be about the most expensive thing in the market we will chat about things for all budgets.

* 40 mins - Then we are going to chat over the all new GPSMAP86s and 86i, these are Outdoor GPS units that are very much aimed at the Sea Kayakers etc but they have a couple of interesting twists compared to the 66s and 66i that Garmin already produce.

* 48 mins - And then we have Ian’s FAQ’s, Garmin unit, Garmin watch and SatMap

1. So Ian, it’s the start of November and here we go, we start the build up to Christmas, in the next few minutes we are going to look at some of te must have things we would have on our Christmas lists.

* Best budget GPS (under £300.00) - GPSMAP64sx – Sleeping giant in this category or old unit rebranded?

eTrex 22x and 32x (you could get both of these with Birdseye Plus Vouchers)

Touch 25 (you could also get this with Birdseye Plus Voucher

and of course the Touch 35, which sadly with a Birdseye Plus voucher would push it over the £300.00 ceiling.

* Best top end GPS unit (under £500.00) – including maps

Oregon 700 with TOPO PRO 1:50k/ Birdseye Plus Voucher

GPSMAP66s with TOPO PRO 1:50k/ Birdseye Plus Voucher

GPSMAP66i, with just the TOPO ACTIVE maps would also just sneak into this bracket by 1p.

SatMap Active 20 with 1:50k maps

* Best top end GPS unit (unlimited budget)

* Whatever you want – Oregon 700/750, 66s, 66i and