GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast – number 96

May 01, 2024

In this month’s podcast 

1. Spot Gen4 – satellite communicator/ tracker – 1 min 30 seconds

2. Garmin backpack tethers –  has your cord become frayed? – 17 min 27 seconds

3. Free OS planner – many thanks for the donations – 25 min 27 seconds

4. Andy’s top tips – 30 min 54 seconds


  1. Spot Gen4 – satellite communicator/ tracker 

    Pricing – Plan prices are in Euros also in small print you do need to also add on 20% vat to all prices shown.

    Unlimited messages
    –  Unlimited is only for email contacts if you send any messages including Check-in, Custom & help messages to a Mobile number you have a total allowance of 200 a year, hence for unlimited I would recommend using email addresses.If you go over the 200 you can purchase a bundle of 200 more messages otherwise you are charged 0.15 per additional message over the 200 per year.

    Contacts – The maximum of 10 x contacts should really be named as 10 x slots i.e. you could not put 10 x mobile numbers in and for the same people 10 x email addresses at this would be 20.

    If you put 5 x email addresses in and 5 x mobile numbers in this would your 10 x contacts slots used up.

    Do you need a computer – A computer is required with USB connection to the device to sync and changes you make to tracking, tracking intervals and to install new firmware / software updates.

    If you change messages and contacts a computer is not required for these changes.

    Battery change – To change batteries there are 4 x screws to undo, advise customer to have small flat screwdriver in their backpack

Selling points

Peace of mind when off grid to have SOS and being able to send check-in messages to friends and family and have friends and family track you.

Lightweight robust weatherproof

Can use your own AAA Batteries

With 4 x AAA Lithium batteries excellent battery life – see PDF battery life chart

Unit itself cost effective to buy – cheapest physical unit that we sell.

Simple to use – but If you are not using tracking the monthly pricing is not as good when comparing to say a Garmin messenger that will allow two way messages and more functions on the device, but sometimes extra functions if not require could be more confusing.

The big selling point for me would be that the pricing includes 5, 10, 30 & 60 minute tracking at no extra charge, if you mainly want for SOS peace of mind and tracking it is more cost effective than others.

The Spot 20% discount code (only from GPS Training) is only for the annual messages not flex plans – must be activated by 30th June, we will include a discount code in with your SPOT

20% off activation

20% off annual plan

Normally £215.52/ year

Now £206.90/ year, so great way to see if it for you

SPOT GEN4 Tracker – Normally £149.99, now – £139.99

This has 5, 10, 30 and 60minute tracking included in with it


To find out more about the Spot Gen4 please do to our website – > GPS Store > Two-way satellite communication and you will see the Spot Gen 4 there at – £139.99


2. Garmin backpack tethers –  has your cord become frayed?

Just under 50 people answered the questions – 

  1. Which rucksack strap are you carrying it on
  2. I have found the cord has got caught – Yes/ No
  3. Any other comments/ feedback

¼  wore it on right

¾  wore on left

86% experienced frayed cord on Right

56% experienced frayed cord on Left

– I wrapped black electrical tape around the part of the cord that sticks to the velcro thus solving the issue

– I replaced the strap with 3mm nylon paracord which works perfectly

– I am left-handed so it was natural to put it on the right strap and use my left hand. I have found if I stretch the cord out before placing it back on the velcro, it doesn’t get caught as much.


3. Free OS planner – many thanks for the donations

  • A number of people have kindly donated

–       Go onto youTube –

Or search for video – FAQs – GPS Training Ordnance Survey Route Planning Software – your questions answered

  • You can do this by clicking on the ‘thanks’ button underneath the video mentioned above

 4. Top Tips

  1. Updating topo active maps – Units with Topo Active Europe maps, current range etrex 22/32x, GPSMap67/67i, Montana 7** series

Update recently to 2024-10

Central, East, West

Other than GPSMap67 and Montana 700, etrex and I versions of Montana 7** not enough memory but Garmin express will prompt you to use separate card or use map manager to pick region

Make sure when updating no other Garmon software open, Computer is not set to go into any sleep , power safe modes

With GPSMAP67 series you can update via wifi as pwr online course videos although computer wuicker

  1. Coros watches battery Save tips

    Winter Spine challenger south 108 miles customer review started Saturday and finished on Monday morning… it still had 60% when I’d finishedApex2 40 Hours,Connects to GPS and QZSS Apex 2 pro 66 Hours Connects to GPS and QZSS

Most of the time I find not needing to select all satellites or dual frequency apex 2 pro Satellite settings

Toolbox system settings – More settings gesture backlight off, Stress tracking off,

Tool box – system – sensors – optical HR – Daily every 10 min, if don’t want to record during activity turn off

When doing activity with route don’t leave on map

Finally main menu (new beta fw main menu control center) -Night mode backlight stays on until activity ends or 1 hour after sunrise