GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast – number 94

March 01, 2024

Bullitt, TwoNav, PSMA map cards and Andy’s top tips

In this month’s podcast

1. What is going on at Bullitt, the creator of the Motorola Defy – satellite link? – 2 min 31 sec

2. TwoNav – a breath of fresh air – quick update – 13 min 15 sec

3. Mountain rescue teams – PSGA map cards – Garmin – 26 min 33 sec

4. Andy’s top tips – 30.08

1. Bullitt – maker of the Motorola Defy Satellite Link

In late January filed for bankruptcy

Founders were paying for service to continue for 1 month

We are over that time period and everything is still working

19th February – Sky News understands that Exponent Private Equity, which has successfully backed companies including Quorn and Trainline, is expected to agree to a restructuring of Bullitt’s finances in the coming weeks.

The change of control is expected to see the Business Growth Fund (BGF) – a £2.5bn vehicle set up by the UK’s biggest high street lenders in the aftermath of the financial crisis – play a leading role in Bullitt’s future.

People close to the talks said that an auction of Bullitt, which had been triggered by a large volume of unsold inventory, had resulted in a proposal led by the BGF, an existing shareholder in the business, and the company’s co-founders.

If concluded, the deal would crystallise a rare disappointment for Exponent, which has seen each of its funds make impressive returns for investors since the firm was set up more than a decade ago.

So, As I understand it – Exponent have pulled out, this was the backer we talked about in last month’s podcast, who pulled out at the 11th hour.

And in conversations I have had with our contacts at Bullitt stated finance was being negotiated and it sounds like this is referring to the funding from BGF (Business Growth fund). The business growth fund was set up after the financial crisis and fingers crossed it can play a big roll in Bullitt’s future going forward.

BGF is an equity investor in the UK and Ireland that provides long-term, minority investment and value creation support to growing companies, it was set up.

So, let’s see what the future brings.

We were under the understanding that customers would be notified if anything was to change, but to date nobody has received any notifications, so no news is good news.

Motorola – they have not been discussed yet, what did you find out Andy with regard to this.

I am personally very disappointed by the scaremongering that has been online, as I said last time our thoughts have to be with all the staff at Bullitt around the world, who I know have worked very hard on this product and the other products they produce.

Read the full regard to what is going on with Bullitt online here

2. TwoNav – a breath of fresh air

Lots of SatMap users upgrading – it is a SatMap on steroids

We have put 75 units bicycles in UK, Spain and Italy for a cycle tour operator we work with

We ended up stocking x 3 models –

  • Cross Plus
  • Terra
  • Aventurer 2 Plus

Software update – last week

To find out more please go to our website – > GPS Store > Handheld GPS units

OR – > Reviews > TwoNav – a breath of fresh air

Now 2 x walk and talk videos for the unit –

TwoNav Terra

TwoNav Aventurer 2 Plus 

3. Mountain rescue teams – PSGA map cards – Garmin users

Pleased to announce

GPS Training is now an official distributor of PSGA map cards.

These are the map cards that Mountain Rescue teams use and they rightly get at a discounted rate when bought alongside a Garmin GPS unit.

In the past, it was a very long-winded process for MR teams to get these, but now we can act far quicker and get the units and map cards into the hands of team members.

This week we shipped 5 x Garmin GPSMAP67i with this map card to the Cairngorms Mountain rescue team.

If you are a member of a mountain rescue team please get in touch and we can discuss you and your team’s requirements.


4. Top Tips

  • Garmin Hike NP Profile when to use it
  • TwoNav perform trackback

    Map page – start – route or if no route select free activity

Map page tap – 3 white dots bottom right – trackback – Go

(Back to start is just straight line)

Green circle start red circle end