Goulash Gang

Goulash Gang

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Goulash Gang - Rebecca Eats Her Cats
March 10, 2019

Hello Goulash Gang! Today you are met with your typical hosts, Chloie and Rebecca, and your "special guest", Gracie. Today we open out pans to Noah, a familiar face in the goulash household. We talk about near death experiences, fears, and camping stories

Goulash Gang - Rachel Dratch
February 28, 2019

Hello Goulash Gang, Today we endeavor in a journey through kiss, marry, kill. It starts off slow but gets crazier as you go on. We had lots of topics that we were gonna talk about but we seemed to get a bit off track. We welcome you to the third episode o

Goulash Gang - Stickin' It Back In
February 05, 2019

Hello Goulash Gang! Once again, we ask you you open your skillet for us to pour some warm goulash in. This one is just as good as the first one but it is very choppy. We talk about people behind their backs, prom, our dumb school system, and Rebecca's var

Goulash Gang - The Brothas First Times
January 13, 2019

 Welcome to the first episode of Goulash Gang We welcome you with open skillets ready to pour some Goulash in ;) In this episode, we introduce you to the trifecta that makes up the Goulash Gang ;). We have your hosts, Chloie and Rebecca, who welcome