Real Time 1960s

Real Time 1960s

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1964 | Top 10 Films - “The Naked Kiss” & “That Man from Rio” [Ep. 30]
May 31, 2024

In this episode, we review our 10th and 9th-ranked films of 1964, “The Naked Kiss,” a neo-noir directed by Samuel Fuller, and “That Man from Rio,” a French adventure-comedy directed by Philippe De Bro

Evening Report | May 29, 1964
May 29, 2024

LBJ envisions the "Great Society"; Reagan stumps for Goldwater; racial violence in St. Augustine; Malcolm X returns from Mecca; Jews patrol Crown Heights; Mickey Mantle slows down. Newscaster: Joe Rub

Evening Report | April 17, 1964
April 17, 2024

LBJ speaks out against extremism; Communist atrocities in Vietnam; Barry Goldwater wins the Illinois primary; history is made at the Oscars; Shea Stadium opens for business. Newscaster: Joe Rubenstein

1963 | Top 10 Films - “Hud” [Ep. 29]
April 02, 2024

In this episode, we review our top-ranked film of 1963, Hud, directed by Martin Ritt and featuring an Oscar-nominated performance by Paul Newman and Oscar-winning performances by Patricia Neal and M

Evening Report | March 20, 1964
March 20, 2024

Six Americans are killed in Vietnam; Mississippi Freedom Summer is announced; two Senators want U.S. out of Vietnam; Jack Ruby is doomed; Malcolm X speaks out; Cassius Clay has a new name and is rejec

Evening Report | March 13, 1964
March 13, 2024

Robert McNamara briefs LBJ on Vietnam; Barry Goldwater speaks out; Robert Kennedy goes on the Jack Paar Show; Malcolm X defects from the Nation of Islam; the Celtics set another record. Newscaster: Jo

1963 | Top 10 Films - “The Fire Within” [Ep. 28]
March 03, 2024

In this episode, we review our second-ranked film of 1963, Louis Malles haunting drama, "The Fire Within, starring Maurice Ronet. on Patreon!

Evening Report | February 29, 1964
February 29, 2024

President Johnson speaks out on Vietnam; the Presidential primary campaign heats up; Malcolm X at odds with Elijah Muhammad; the Tax Bill is signed; the Beatles go home; Cassius Clay shocks the world.

Evening Report | February 1, 1964
February 01, 2024

LBJ holds his first televised news conference; MLK visits Milwaukee; another coup dtat in South Vietnam; Sen. Margaret Chase Smith announces a Presidential run; Louie Louie is called pornographic

1963 | Top 10 Films - “High and Low” and “Charade” [Ep. 27]
January 30, 2024

In this episode, we move on to our fourth and third-ranked films of 1963, Akira Kurosawas High and Low and Stanley Donens Charade, starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. on Patreon!