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Drawing A ____.
November 05, 2020

My mind was blank but everywhere at the same time today. I wanted to just give a simple message of self motivation, and letting listeners know that, a lot of people have trouble continuously trying to be motivated. And I just wanted to say, that’s okay.

“You know?” Welcome
October 27, 2020

~One Year Later~

Fact or Fiction
April 24, 2020

Pondering on the purpose of religion. Are religions really needed for good moral code?

July 25, 2019

Self esteem and self confidence. It may not always be high but all of you are amazing.

Can You Hear Me Swallow?
May 20, 2019

No seriously can you? That noise makes me cringe?

Get Out
April 25, 2019

I’m here to let you know, that it’s all going to be okay, you just have to believe in yourself, even when no one else will, I know it’s hard especially with regular life things going on, but you got this, you have a purpose, you have meaning, you are stro

Golly Gee Willickers!
April 19, 2019

Back like I never left! HANNNNNNNNNNN!

Sad But Glad
April 02, 2019

A quick life update instead of a topic. I know I’ve promised guest and stuff like that, but life has been kicking my buns, but for the greater good at least.

Do you Believe?✨
March 26, 2019

Brief synopsis on my views on death, religion, and my overall spirituality journey. I’m learning things about myself almost daily, this is just one of those things.

March 15, 2019

My overall outlook on games, and what I specifically like! If you have a topic youd like for me to talk about leave me a voice message on here! Or dm me on Instagram @gothgirlgabby dont forget to add my PSN: gothgirlgabby and gothgirlgaby