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#79 - Tan Kheng Hua
January 20, 2017

#78 - Golden Shower Happy Hour
January 12, 2017

Jon's been meeting people he's known for ages, while Nathan's been rotating three pairs of underwear. Find out all about it in this week's What Chu Been Up To?!Trump's hotel bed isn't the only thing golden this week - Hollywood is all a glitter with the 7

#77 - New Year New Hang
January 06, 2017

The boys are back and they're spoiling Rogue One!*Nathan been holidaying in Los Angeles and Jon's been having a low key, podcast-y new year. Find out all about it in What Chu Been Up To?!Nathan's out to ruin Jon's 2017 by challenging him to a round of the

#76 - Oon Shu An
December 18, 2016

Actress, host, model, human, unicorn Oon Shu An is getting deep and dirty with the boys from Good Hang!She talks about what's its liked to do a hundred episodes of something, her work in theatre and television, and what it was like growing up not-so-gorge

#75 - Sick and Sick of Nathan's Face
December 13, 2016

Jon's been ill and Nathan's been overexposed. Find out all about it on What Chu Been Up To!In We Read Yo Shit, the Good Hang Guys catch up on some emails, talk about what it's like to live your life in public, and consider a special request. In

#74 - Youtiao666
December 07, 2016

Michelle and Charlotte, aka the ladies of Youtiao666, are in the studio this for Goodhang's first ever two-guest episode!The girls chat about how they got started, what goes into making their videos, and their desire for the sweet release of death. T

#73 - Inch Returns!
December 05, 2016

Inch Chua is back in the studio this week to hang out with the Good Hang Guys for Episode Seventy-three!Check this shit out:— Speechless—— Tickled

#72 - Thanksgiving Goodness
December 01, 2016

Hope you're ready for some podcast with that pumpkin pie. Good Hang Episode Seventy-two is here!Jon's, another year older and another year wisdomier, has been reading some excellent comic books once again and Nathan's been gigging it up in Singapore. Find

#71 - Fan Special
November 22, 2016

Episode Seventy-one is all about you, Good Hang Gang!Jon & Nathan read your reviews, comments, emails, tweets, Instagram messages, smoke signals, telepathic thoughts, and careless whispers.Support Good Hang on Patreon

#70 - Mansweat & Mortality
November 16, 2016

This week Good Hang is 70!!!!Jon's been watching old men sweat profusely while trying to beat each other and Nathan's been watching young men (and some ladies) sweat profusely while trying to beat each other. Find out all about it in this week's What Chu