Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad

Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad

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012: Getting Older As Parents & When Babies Learn to Crawl
March 25, 2019

Why does it feel like we are getting older faster than our kids??? [5:31] Parent Guilt (Mom Guilt. Dad Guilt) [7:22] Our kids inspire us to push our selves [8:05] Life with kids is like dating…What?… [10:29] As we get older, how do we become a...

011: Things We Use & Love and Birthdays!
March 18, 2019

We talk about some of the things we use that have been totally WORTH IT! [1:45] Highchairs and Bibs [8:43] Teething Necklace [11:30] Refilable Baby Food Packs [14:10] Thermometers! [14:35] Delux Pack N Play (with all the bells and...

010: The Surprises of Parenthood
March 04, 2019

In this episode Ryan and Rebekah talk about what surprised them the most about becoming, and being, a parent.  [4:27] Surprise #1: The severe lack of sleep that never ends. [10:25] Surprise #2: Our ability to increase our capacity. [15:51]...

009: Traveling With Kids
February 25, 2019

We are on the road! This episode is all about our experiences traveling with the kiddos. We share our stories from the car and in the air. Get ready for mountains of luggage, racing through the airport, and of course a plethora of bathroom stops! It...

008: Getting Sick, Thermometer Drama, Parental Instincts
February 18, 2019

We just got better from being sick…the kinda sick that is not bad enough to stay in bed, but …it’s miserable. **NOTE: We are NOT giving medical advice, only sharing anecdotes and our experiences. Nothing in this episode should be considered...

007: Rebekah Launched a New Product: Your Generous Home
February 11, 2019

Rebekah just launched an online course focused on helping new moms with “everyday hospitality” **COURSE DETAILS AND DISCOUNT CODE BELOW** ….but first: We got started very late. 11:00pm…because we had a hard time getting both boys to...

006: Public Bathrooms (“DON’T TOUCH THAT!”), and Work vs. Home Life
February 04, 2019

We are potty trained! Ryan tries to pull off a terrible dad joke. Boooo….. Unintended consequences of potty training: using public bathrooms. —using the toilet is great at home.. its our bathroom. its our toilet. Public Bathroom: Not so much. We...

005: We Are Not Our Kids, Playing Inside vs. Outside, Parenting Pet-Peeves
January 28, 2019

Rebekah brings up a quote “Dear God please let me not raise the child that I was, or the child I wish I had, but let me raise the child that I have”…It had never crossed her mind that she might try to raise her kids as if they were just like her...

004: Bedtime Routines, Plans vs. Needs, and Being Intentional
January 21, 2019

Normally Ryan takes our 3-Year-Old Liam out for a walk every night in the stroller on a “Daddy Date”. They run some errands, grab some groceries, then by the time they get home, Liam is asleep. No drama. Zero wrestling. We recently returned from a...

003: Chore Charts, Robot Karate, and Toddlers at Bedtime
January 16, 2019

The Chore Chart: a new strategy we are considering since our 3 year old gets a huge sense of accomplishment when he does something by himself. Ryan shares about his memories of the family chore chart when he was growing up. ***Our 8 month old Ari is...