Good Company in the Car: The Bigfoot and Murder and Everything Else Podcast

Good Company in the Car: The Bigfoot and Murder and Everything Else Podcast

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A Tale of Scandal and Cold Cases
April 09, 2024

(Please Note: AI Generated Recap. It's a hoot!) In our latest podcast episode, we dive into a series of scandals that rattled the British Monarchy and shed light on an old yet thrilling murder case. A

Twice Betrayed: A Tale of Suspicious Accidents and Hidden Insurance
April 02, 2024

(AI generated recap)Engross yourself in the sinister world of a cunning murderer and con artist in the episode "Twice Betrayed: A Tale of Suspicious Accidents and Hidden Insurance". Tag along with Ja

The Long-Unsolved Murder of Kathy Devine
March 26, 2024

In this gripping episode of "Cold Case Files," the audience is taken back to the eerie Seattle of the 70s, where the chilling tale of 14-year-old Kathy Devine unfolded. After abruptly disappearing fol

A Terrifying 911 Call Alerts Authorities to an Unthinkable Murder
March 19, 2024

Sabrina Zunich had bounced from one foster home to another until she finally found what seemed to be a safe, secure, and forever home with the Knoefel family. The ultimate manipulation and betrayal by

The Long Arm of the Law Reaches Back 22 Years...
March 12, 2024

Experience the humor and absurdity of the 'miracle flight', and then brace yourself for a deeper, unsettling narrative. We unravel a 22-year-old cold case that has only recently come to a close; the

A Deep Dive into 'Expedition Bigfoot'
March 05, 2024

In this humor-filled podcast episode, hosts Jack and Kevin kick-off with a lively debate on neighborhood parking woes, culminating in a much-awaited van finally moving out. Transitioning, they move on

The Kruger Family Tragedy Explained
February 27, 2024

In this unsettling episode, we delve deep into the harrowing story of the Kruger murders in 2007, in the rural heartland of Minnesota.The narrative revolves around main suspect, Michael Zabawa, a ma

A Tangled Web of Tragedy & Misdirection
February 20, 2024

In this sad and unsettling episode, we journey through the labyrinthine twists and turns of a tragic real-life murder mystery that unfolded from a late-night pizza delivery.Join us in this distressi

Perp Nap: An Unraveling Interrogation
February 13, 2024

Join our hosts as they navigates through the muddled world of rattlesnakes, and later, into an adrenaline-pumping murder investigation in Pensacola, Florida. The gears shift as we transition into an i

Unveiled Secrets: A Chilling Tale of Love, Betrayal, and Murder
February 06, 2024

In this gripping episode, we journey into the heart of a chilling tale from Palm Harbor, Florida. Narrated by our hosts, Jack and Kevin, the story revolves around the seemingly natural death of an 85-