Going Solo with Matthew Mayer

Going Solo with Matthew Mayer

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Episode 15 – The Will Ackerman Interview
June 22, 2020

Will Ackerman, Founder of Windham Hill Records, and one of the greatest Record Producers of our times, talks with Matthew Mayer about music, life, creative approaches, mentorships and more. This intimate and real conversation highlights the Grammy Awar...

Episode 14 – Matthew Mayer Interviews George Winston – Part II: Thank You George
October 25, 2019

Matthew Mayer talks with the legendary pianist George Winston in this Part II interview on the Going Solo Podcast. Winston has sold over 15 million albums over his 40 year career. George Winston continues to share his insights on creativity and approac...

Episode 13 – Matthew Mayer Interviews George Winston – Part 1: You Can Call Me George
April 27, 2019

Matthew Mayer interviews one of the foremost instrumental composers of our time, George Winston, in this Part 1 of 2 Going Solo Podcast Episode Series titled "You Can Call Me George." Listen to George Winston give his insights on influences,

Episode 12 – With Gratitude – Interview with Award Winning Author Marala Scott
April 10, 2019

Award Winning Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Oprah Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott, speaks with Matthew Mayer about her newest book "With Gratitude" and the power of Gratitude in our life. With Gratitude is now available everywhere books are sold....

5 Myths of Being a Musician with a Day Job
January 27, 2019

Matthew Mayer discusses his published article on the CD Baby DIY Musician Blog, breaking down 5 Myths of Being a Musician with a Day Job. Mayer also addresses feedback received on the article. If you have more than one gig going on in your life,

Episode 10 – You Have Permission – Going Solo with Cheryl Engelhardt
January 13, 2019

Matthew Mayer speaks with Award Winning Composer, Songwriter, and Career Coach Cheryl Engelhardt, talking about her impressive journey from musician to career coach and all things in between from balancing your life, anxiety management,

Episode 9 – Getting Your Song Placed – Music Supervision with Doug Diamond
December 30, 2018

Getting Your Song or Musical Tune placed in TV, Commercial, or Films through a music supervisor. Award Winning Piano Artist Matthew Mayer interviews Music Supervisor Doug Diamond on all things, Music Supervision and what artists should do to get their ...

Episode 8 – Start With Where You Are – My Coffee with Kabir Sehgal
June 21, 2018

New York Times and Best Selling Author Kabir Sehgal has coffee with Matthew Mayer at the Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown New York, sharing insights on how he balances being an author, investment banker, musician, and Grammy Award Winning Producer.

Episode 7 – I Am Matej Mestrovic – The Croatia Tour Ep. 3
April 08, 2018

Matej Mestrovic is one of Croatia’s most versatile, original, and talented artists alive today. In this 3rd and final episode of my 4-City tour in Croatia, I talk to Matej on a variety of topics including social media marketing,

Episode 6 – I Am Lucky – The Croatia Tour Ep. 2
February 25, 2018

In this episode of my 4-City tour in Croatia,  I sit down and have lunch with Turkey Pianist Hakan Ali Toker in the city of Rijeka (off the coast of the Adriatic Sea) and talk about the history of music and what it takes in today’s music industry to su...