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God Stuff

Things Not To Say To Your Pastor (159)

May 16, 2023

In Episode 159, we talk about the ten things you should avoid saying to your pastor. With a touch of humor and kindness, we are reminded that pastors are humans too, with vulnerabilities and insecurities. Understanding this is crucial to building stronger relationships within our faith communities.

From questioning sermon similarities to comparing churches and asking about specific ministries, we are encouraged to appreciate the unique elements present in every sermon, recognize the distinctiveness of our churches, and understand the limitations faced by each congregation. 

Tune in now, and let’s go bigger, better, and deeper!


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Episode Timestamps: 

00:00 - Intro

02:52 - Question #1: Preaching the same Sermon

05:12 - Question #2: Comparing Another Church to Pathway Church

08:43 - Question #3: Why Pathway Church Doesn't Have a Ministry for [Blank]

13:22 - Question #4: Why Was [Blank] Not Addressed in Sermon

16:28 - Question #5: Asking for Directions

17:13 - Question #6: Asking for a Schedule

17:44 - Question #7: Sparing time for a "Quick Question"

20:28 - Question #8: Finding a Sermon Recording

21:13 - Question #9: For Men, No Conversation in the Bathroom

21:27 - Final Thoughts

24:14 - Outro

Biblical References:

  • Hebrews 13:7 

About Our Host:


Bill Giovannetti is the Senior Pastor at Pathway Church, Redding, California — an experienced senior pastor with a demonstrated history of working in the religious institutions’ industry. He also teaches ministry-related college classes at Simpson University and the A. W. Tozer Theological Seminary. Bill has always had a passion to bring the deep things of God’s word to the everyday people of God.



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