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God's Lighthouse

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Parables - Mysteries for the Last Day Generation (Thu 29 09 2022)
September 30, 2022

• What are Parables? Why did Jesus have to teach using them? • Is understanding a basis for transferring knowledge? • Why it is dangerous to discard the Laws of God.  • The price to pay to discover the treasures hidden in God’s Laws. • Why you find i

The Power for Change - Prophetic Counsel (Thu 29 09 2022)
September 29, 2022

• How to effect change within and around you. • The different modes of prophecy and how to identify/differentiate them. • Greater Gifts: Why the gift of prophecy is like none other. • Spiritual Treasure Hunting: Why and how to partner with the Holy Spirit

Deeper Waters — The Way to the Throne Company (Wed 28 09 2022)
September 29, 2022

• How to be Able to Predict God’s Plan for the future. • Why it is an absolute necessity for you to believe in the Resurrection of the Dead. • Ezekiel 47: How deep into the things of God are you? • 1000 Cubits, 1000 Years: How your depth in God in this li

Jerusalem Under Siege – Thrones Up for Grabs (Tue 27 09 2022)
September 28, 2022

• The influence of shepherds in the building or destruction of the Church of God. • The Ultimate Sacrifice: Why your life should be a Drink offering to the LORD • How to escape the judgement that is about to visit the Church. • Powerless Christianity: How

Arrows and Swords: Preparation For the Lawless One (Mon 26 09 2022)
September 27, 2022

• Why your ministry is powerless—even dead. • What it means when you see a car in your dream. • Fireworks vs Steady Lighting: Why most revivals were not sustainable. • The Use of Sharp Arrows and Swords: How to make God’s Word a more effective weapon of w

Trumpet Sounds: Conviction and Confession (Sun 25 09 2022)
September 26, 2022

• Fighting Hopelessness: What to do when you sin and you feel like running away from God. • Take Note: There are some sins that must be confessed to men and forgiven by them. Here’s why… • Conviction: What to expect when the Spirit of God is on the Move;

How to Sound The Trumpet (Sat 24 09 2022)
September 25, 2022

• How and why we must spur each other to love and good works. • Four types of sheep in God’s fold, and the role of true shepherds in tending them. • How your Pastor determines if you live a blessed or cursed life. • Why you must be loud and clear about yo

The Purpose of the Trumpets - Reversing Enemy Victories (Fri 23 09 2022)
September 24, 2022

• The Beauty of New Songs — Understanding this will completely transform your Prayer life! • Trumpets in Warfare: How to secure your victory even when the Enemy is winning. • Why you should imbibe the practice of hospitality. • Lies: The reason many are e

The Final Jubilee - Signs, Lies and Preparation (Thu 22 09 2022)
September 23, 2022

• Prophetic Patterns Across Divine Timelines — You need to know this! • Three Ages, 12 Onahs,  and 120 Jubilees: Why the time from 2025 to 2075 will be like this age has never seen! • Seasons of Harvest: Why we must be wary of bad seeds of doctrine (

Tabernacles: The Mystery of Trumpets (Wed 21 09 2022)
September 22, 2022

• “Do not appear before the Lord empty-handed” — A proper understanding. • Recap: The Feasts of the Most High God. • Yeast of Sadducees: Why you must avoid preachers who do not believe in the Supernatural. • Why you must get to understand the the Feast of