Goddess Talk (Pink Table Edition)

Goddess Talk (Pink Table Edition)

Latest Episodes

Goddess Health
March 18, 2020

Goddess Caleasia discusses the importance of your health during this time. Stay grounded, look for ways to have creative outlets and minimize your stress during this time.

Goddess Hot Topic - Sexual Energy
February 26, 2020

Join Goddess Caleasia for a interesting discussion on sexual energy and its exchange between individuals. This episode was done while live streaming via instagram on @goddess_oceano7 

Taurus To Gemini Divine Feminine Encouragement
December 10, 2019

This podcast is giving you a update on the full moon energy and how we are transitioning from taurus to Gemini energy. Fixed energy to swift change. Stay grounded and prepare for the end of the year wrap up. You got this goddess!Support the show (https://

December 03, 2019

Goddess Caleasia comes through with a little trap goddess energy to help you establish your G-Code. Boundaries are crucial for stability, blessings and success.

Talk & Tacos with Alex Isabella
November 27, 2019

Dani dba Goddess Caleasia sits down with the beautiful Lifestyle Influencer Alex Isabella for Goddess Talk Topics, Encouragement, Spiritualpreneurship and Spirituality.Follow @trapgoddess_caleasia and @alexisabella Support the show (https://cash.me/$

Mujeres Nip and Manifest
November 02, 2019

Goddess Caleasia and her amigas talk body modification and confidence.  We want you to live in your best body, be you and manifest your confidence. 

Goddess and Dating
October 23, 2019

Pull out your goddesstini' we are talking about dating !

Introduction Ep
October 14, 2019

It’s Showtime ! Here is a brief on what is coming ! Thank you for your love and support this is only the beginning 

Magnetism Activation
September 16, 2019

Utilize this podcast to activate your magnetism and manifest your hearts desires.

Dark Bender
June 30, 2019

This episode walks you through embracing your darkness and using it to your benefit