GNC Week In Review

GNC Week In Review

Yes, No, Maybe? #110

October 08, 2022

This week, Elon does an about-face, Tim Cook facetimes with the Pope, and Kim Kardashian is faced with a fine.

Also, this is one of three special episodes as we are teaming up with F5 Refreshing Technology where we will have special content from their podcast in each of the episodes including F5 Refreshing Technolgys co-host Avram Piltch and his segment the Piltch Point and he takes an early deep dive on the upcoming Amazon Prime Day Early Access this week.

Show Notes:

From F5 Refreshing Technology

**Nifty Gifties**

CES could attract 100,000 people

**Piltch Point**

Amazon Prime Early Access

**Extra Life**

Randy Orton wins a case

**News from the Tubes**

Ransomware Attack

*DRM Not Included

YouTube is some users to purchase Premium to watch 4K