GNC Week In Review

GNC Week In Review

Airlines are banning MacBooks #036

August 30, 2019

This week from GNC Week In Review, a lot of Apple news including airlines are banning MacBooks in checked luggage, some google play apps are draining batteries, a student was deported for posting on social media, plus later in the episode a lot of tech tips.

Show Notes:

iPhones will be hit with 15% tariffs in December
Apple's iPhone Event September 10th
Apple Pay adoption is lagging in the US
Airlines are banning MacBooks
Apple offers options for safe and reliable repairs
Google Play apps drained batteries
Uber/Lyft driver rally
Amazon EERO Secure and Secure Plus
Student deported based on friends social media
Hulu teams up with Chrissy Teigen
Disney Plus discount demand crashed website
Netflix ships its 5 billionth disc
8 people face federal charges for running illegal streaming
US prepaid carriers buyers guide
DIY laptop kits
Best 5G network
Best Android file managers
10 essential Siri tips
Screen recorders for Android
Password tools
Googles Trends last week at number 1: Wizard of Oz
Trending today on Twitter at number 3: Bama
Trending on YouTube at number 4: Living in my brothers' pool for 24 hours
10 ridiculous EULAS